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#DroneImage - A painting painted with a drone! GOCC Action 2022

#DroneImage - A painting painted with a drone! GOCC Action 2022

Innovation and spreading the Good - right, that wonderful combination? Those who know us, know that we are a Team of resolute people whose mission is to make life simpler and better.

#DroneImage - Drone Painted Image is our idea to support the wonderful initiative of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. We were the first in the world to paint pictures using a drone and donate them for auction to celebrate the 30. GOCC Finale.

obrazy z dronow wosp 2022

#DroneImage - Painting Painted with a Drone - Precedent Works

The drone-painted images we have prepared are something that has never been seen before. We did some research and all indications are that so far drones have only been used to paint murals - they would then spray paint from cans attached to themselves.

In our case it was different. First image "Phantom Flow" we painted using the contemporary popular technique of pouring. Second work "Minimalistic" is, in turn, a nod to classic brush painting.

Of course, it was not without adventures, difficulties and losses. We invite you to report on the creation of both images!

malowanie obrazu dronem

#DroneImage - Painting Painted with DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Drone

"Phantom Flow" is an image painted using the iconic DJI Phantom 4 Advanced drone. This model is no longer available for sale (the last in the series is Phantom 4 RTK), and yet, when you say "drone" the square design of the Phantom immediately comes to mind.

"Phantom Flow" is therefore quite a treat for a drone fan - even a form of monument to drone history!

"Phantom Flow" - why you should have it

In addition to the historical thread, the picture painted with a drone "Phantom Flow" has an even deeper message.

It's joy and creativity combining in a dynamic dance of modernity. We are the ones who create the world we live in, and after all, the point is precisely that creation should be born in joy and bear fruit with it. It's such a feedback loop, a fusion whose effects exceed expectations.

We captured the dynamics of this phenomenon by tilting the image before it had time to dry out. This has created off-the-charts shapes. Image "Phantom Flow" you can hang it in any way you like, which further emphasizes the freedom and unconventionality it carries.

3 sposoby powieszenia dronów

You are a visionary? This painting will work wonderfully in your office or studio, stimulating you to explore innovative ideas and solutions.

This #DroneImage also breathes freshness into the rest room. Imagine when you look at it while relaxing on the couch and it triggers an exclamation of "Eureka!" in you. After all, it is during relaxation and rest that the best ideas are born.

obraz z drona wisi w pokoju

"Phantom Flow" - behind the scenes of the creation

This drone-painted image was created in the Kolibki Park in Gdynia Orłowo. We laid the 100 x 100 cm painting canvas flat on the painter's foil, which, considering the gusts of wind, was already a lot of fun.

We mounted a cup to the drone's undercarriage, in which we drilled a hole and sealed it with duct tape. Then, one by one, we poured the individual acrylic paints into it, starting with the lightest one.

After pouring the white paint into the cup, Matthew took the drone into the air, and Alan carefully peeled the tape from the hole. And here came the surprise - the paint flew rather sparsely, not to say as much as nothing. In this one we got down to enlarging the hole. Into action with scissors neatly stepped Alan, trying to remedy the situation on the fly. His efforts ended only by getting his gloves and other clothing dirty.

The operator Matthew bravely swung the drone to make more violent movements move the paint, but even that did not help much. The thought occurred to us that the culprit of this situation is the lid covering the cup, which caused a vacuum.

The improvement after removing the lid was not particularly spectacular...Or maybe it's...paint guilt!? Well, yes - sub-zero temperatures, paint consistency...can dilute it? But where to get water in the middle of the park, in winter??? Alan went in search of. Intuition directed him to the Municipal Police, who patched us up.

Thus, completely unplanned, the painting was created using the technique of pouring (well almost, we didn't use any dedicated medium). Mixed with water at a ratio of 2:1, the paint reached the ideal consistency. Then, we spilled yellow paint and later mixed white with black - for two shades of gray. Total approx. 800 ml of paint and 400 ml of water.

For the painting, we used 4 full packages (total approx. 2 hour flight).

The whole thing was immortalized DJI Mavic 3 Pro.

You can find the bidding for the painting "Phantom Flow" at allegro - BID

Phantom flow obraz malowany dronem

#DroneImage - An image painted with a DJI Mini 2 drone

Drones mini series have won our hearts with their weight and compactness. While painting "Minimalistic" our Mini 2 captured us with something else - you can really work wonders with this drone!

#DroneImage "Minimalistic" is the world's second, after "Phantom Flow", painting on canvas painted with the help of a drone.

However, while Phantom's artwork is the effect of spilled paint, the "Minimalistic" is the world's first painting painted with a drone "holding" a paintbrush.

obraz malowany dronem dji mini

"Minimalistic" - why you should have it

"Minimalistic" is a concrete message - simple solutions are best! It all depends on you and how you use the tools available to you. You are able to create SOMETHING from nothing? "Minimalistic" is therefore just about you.

This #DroneImage is a reminder that even with minimal resources you can get the maximum effect.

There are no restrictions, just openingsórow on swój potential!

obraz z drona na ścianie

"Minimalistic" - behind the scenes of the creation

For this painting, we also used a painting sub-image of 100 by 100 cm and acrylic paints. However, this time the studio was the headquarters of our company in Gdynia, and we set the canvas on an easel. First, we painted the canvas with hand-mixed white gesso with black paint to create, contrasting the light elements, a dark gray background. As in the case of "Phantom Flow", we have selected the colors according to our brand colors.

We attached the brush to the body of the drone with rubber bands with receptive rubber bands. In addition, we connected the end of the paintbrush to the propeller guards with twisted receptacles so that the paintbrush could move freely. Exactly - propeller guards! This item turned out to be necessary because the drone fell for us many times.

As a result of the falls, the gimbal fell out of our gimbal rubber bands. Later, we decided to fly with a gimbal cover - after all, we didn't need the drone's camera here.

It sounds like it went more smoothly than with the first image - nothing could be further from the truth. The whole thing took us about. 2.5 hours. Matthew continuously "fed" the paintbrush from the spoon, while the operator Simon carefully maneuvered the drone to keep the drone stable under the pressure of the brush on the canvas.

The flight took place without a GPS system, so we left the lower sensors on to maintain stability. Here again we had to show ingenuity - the painter's foil reflected light like a sheet of water (who read our article How to fly a drone safely over water?, knows what the problem is), which made it impossible to fly. Courier envelopes went into action, which you can see on the floor in the behind-the-scenes footage.

Despite our efforts, finally our Mini - the Great Hero failed - the yaw axis of the gimbal was damaged.

We know one thing - the effect makes up for it.

You can find the bidding for the painting "Minimalistic" at allegro - BIDobraz malowany dronem licytacja wosp

#DroneImage - a new form of drone use

We have written several times about ideas for using drones. Drones in agriculture, rescue, photovoltaics, geodesy or at industry these are just some of them. Now to less conventional uses of drones we can also add the creation of art.

Want to be part of this drone story? We invite you to bid on paintings on Allegro portal.

The auctions last until 03.02.2022.

Paulina Koreń
Graduate of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, majoring in Psychology. He likes simple solutions that enhance the quality of life and promote impactful work.
She is a lover of art and nature, so she is particularly captivated by the use of new technologies to protect nature and explore it from a different, broader perspective.
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