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Drones in price ranges

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How much does a drone cost?

There is no unequivocal answer to this question. Drones have very different specifications, components and functions. Generally, consumer drone prices fall into two main categories:

  • recreational drones - devices up to PLN 1,000
  • professional drones starting from PLN 1,500

The price of drones is influenced by the components and systems used in them. Starting from drones up to PLN 200 . The type of camera and whether it is mounted on a gimbal have the greatest impact on the price. It is a device that mechanically stabilizes the camera in one, two or three axes during flight. Three-axis gimbals are among the most precise and are currently the most frequently chosen by manufacturers. An additional advantage of such a mechanism is the ability to move the camera during the flight, allowing you to take photos and videos from different angles. The price of the drone also depends on the manufacturer.

Currently, the most frequently purchased drones are in the range of PLN 100 to PLN 10,000

What determines the price of a drone?

Currently, professional drones have very extensive functions and systems. The installed sensors are able to detect obstacles, avoid them, which allows the use of intelligent functions such as tracking an object (person, car, etc.). The flight time depends on the weight and the installed battery. In the case of recreational drones, the flight time is about 5-10, while in professional drones it is even 40 minutes. Motors in professional drones are much more durable and allow you to fly in more difficult conditions. They also have a GPS system that makes the drone maintain positions in the air and can return to the launch site in the event of, for example, loss of range or low battery level. Increasingly, such systems are mounted on recreational drones. The above factors and many others translate into the price of the drone.

Choosing a drone judging the price to quality

The drone market is growing at an exponential pace every year. The choice is getting bigger and more difficult at the same time. Guided by the parameter of drone price to its quality, we try to offer the best products in our store. We always pay attention to the quality of the offered goods, which is why in our store, which is mainly focused on drones, you can find the best drones. Models that often return for complaints are excluded from the offer despite a good price / quality ratio.