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BetaFPV - racing drones to start!

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BetaFPV - racing drones to start!

BetaFPV is a relatively young brand that has managed to establish a stable position on the drone market in a short time. High quality workmanship combined with an affordable price make the described systems gain popularity at a dizzying pace. The BetaFPV offer includes both racing drones for advanced pilots and people who are just starting their adventure with piloting unmanned aerial vehicles. BetaFPV drones allow you to observe the recorded image from the first person view. The special goggles feature a high-quality display that reproduces the image recorded by the camera.

BetaFPV drones - start your FPV adventure!

Drones signed with the BetaFPV brand are distinguished by their small size and very low weight. This connection allows the system to be used in places where the use of classic drones is prohibited or dangerous. Aerodynamic design and a powerful engine allow you to achieve dizzying speeds not only in the case of straight flight, but also during tight turns. The advanced control equipment ensures long range, stable connections and precise maneuvering between natural and artificial obstacles. Small devices called whoops are chosen by amateurs of sports competition and fighting for a place on the podium as well as by lovers of freestyle, i.e. a free style of piloting.

BetaFPV - technical parameters of racing drones

In the assortment of our store we offer, among others: complete sets containing a drone with a camera, transmitter, goggles, batteries and necessary accessories. That's all you need to enter the world of FPV racing. In addition, we offer drones without a camera, the weight of which does not exceed 100 g. Models of this type are perfect both indoors and outdoors. In our store you will also find a wide range of accessories, from additional batteries, through cameras, mains chargers, antennas, to structural elements such as propellers and frames.

BetaFPV racing drones - enter the world of unique emotions

BetaFPV drones guarantee an unforgettable flight experience. Watching the world from a different perspective, competing with other pilots and improving skills are just some of the possibilities of using drones. First of all, FPV systems guarantee great fun for people of all ages. Breathtaking acrobatics, flying between obstacles and making tight turns - it's all waiting for you. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire range of our store. If you have any questions, please contact experienced advisors who will help you choose a system tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the pilot.