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UAVO VLOS and BVLOS training

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What does the drone operator course offer?

Courses and training for drone pilots are necessary to be able to operate the so-called unmanned aerial vehicle out of sight. This is a certificate of the pilot's skills and that he knows the regulations in force in the country. The drone operator course is a paid course and ends with an exam. After passing it, a person who has passed the course receives the title of a licensed drone operator and can perform work related to it and fly the drone not only within its capabilities, but also using only the camera from the transmitters.

Who can join the UAVO training?

Anyone can take the drone pilot course, provided that they are of legal age. Courses are organized temporarily and always, each time they must end with a state exam. It is no different in the case of the courses we offer. These are trainings specially prepared for our clients so that they can complete them and pass the relevant exams without any obstacles. UAVO trainings allow you to pilot a professional drone, although it is worth noting that we organize two different types of courses. That is why it is worth getting acquainted with our offer and learning more about the course of the courses, what you need to do to take part in them and what specific permissions are given to pilots.

What is the course of the drone pilot course?

First of all, our company offers two professional UAVO trainings. These are:

  • VLOS course - a shorter course that allows flights within sight.
  • BVLOS course - gives more opportunities and lasts a bit longer, allows you to operate the drone out of sight.

In addition, we also offer introductory training:

  • One-hour training introducing drone operation,
  • Two-hour training on the basics of flight and technical maintenance of an unmanned aerial vehicle.

What is the VLOS course like?

VLOS courses, i.e. Visual Line of Sight, usually last about 3 days and end with a state exam. It consists of both theoretical content, lectures, and practical content, exercises. We try to ensure maximum work comfort, which is why we offer small groups assigned to one instructor. Passing the exam after the VLOS training allows you to work with drones piloted in sight. In turn, the BVLOS course, or Beyond Visual Line of Sight, consists of similar parts, i.e. theory and practice, but it allows you to fly the drone beyond the limits of sight, based on instrument indications. The whole process takes about 3 days, and the comfort conditions are similar to VLOS.