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Lume Cube lighting

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What is the purpose of installing drone lighting?

In this category, we give you primarily products related to drone lighting . This is a special segment of retrofitting equipment that was made for special lighting of drones and the space in front of them. This is a change that can affect the safety and greater capabilities of the machine.

Characteristics of Lume Cube products

Lighting must be perfectly matched to the needs of the user. On the one hand, it must be well correlated with the specific type and model of the drone and be designed to perform flights in accordance with its specification. On the other hand, it should also be aesthetically pleasing and easy to assemble.

What products among DJI lighting?

The Lume Cube lighting we offer is original and fits the products of this company. They include such products as:

  • Lume Cube kits for various DJI models

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