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Syma drones

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Syma drone

Syma is a renowned manufacturer of recreational drones. The company has been dealing with remote-controlled toys such as helicopters for a long time. Currently, their specialty is drones. From year to year, Syma drones receive more and more interesting functions, better cameras and parameters. Recreational models are designed even for the youngest pilots (8 years and older), thanks to the built-in engines, they are very safe drones.

Syma - recreational drones of high quality

Flying a drone indoors or outdoors. The Syma drone will work in all conditions. Some models are equipped with propeller guards that protect the model in the event of flying in a closed area, protecting furniture, walls and the pilot. The built-in barometer will make the drone maintain the set altitude. The "headless" mode will allow us to fly in the direction consistent with the movement of the sticks. Currently, the best Syma drone is the W1 Pro equipped with brushless motors for greater lift and damage resistance. In addition, such motors do not heat up, as is the case with brush motors. Anyone can fly the Syma drone. No phone required for most models. Its use will also allow you to view the camera in real time, record and save the image from the camera on your phone. It also allows, depending on the model, to run intelligent functions, such as - tracking the object, determining the route.

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