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Specialized industrial drones

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What are industrial drones characterized by?

Our drones, which are in this category, have been prepared to perform specific industrial tasks. These are specialized drones designed for inspection, observation and used in agriculture. What models are used by professionals?

These are just some of the products in this category, which are intended for use in agriculture, construction or various types of inspections.

Who can use specialized drones for inspections?

Specialist surveillance drones are designed for professionals: architects, construction inspectors, engineers, farmers and many other professions that use the specificity of drones. They make it possible to carry out inspections, look at many elements and planes from above and at an angle inaccessible to the human eye. It is a comprehensive work tool of the 21st century.

What specialist surveillance drones to choose?

The specificity of specialized agricultural drones or other drones of this type is quite complex. Everything is based on their functionality, i.e. reliability, simplicity of control and wide range of possibilities in a given field. An excellent camera, precise zoom, collecting numerous data and special additions, such as special lighting for flying in difficult conditions, a warning diode and speakers that allow you to communicate, for example, rescue operation participants - all this can be found in DJI Mavic 2 Entreprise. Some drones are used primarily in agriculture. They are specifically designed to analyze space and monitor how crops are growing in real time. The DJI Agras drone is a professional drone used by farmers to perform quick and effective spraying. Its reinforced structure, larger bearing surface and flight stabilization make spraying accurate and automatic.

A series of accessories for specialized agricultural and other drones

In addition to the specialist drones themselves, designed for various professional tasks, within this category we also offer a number of various types of thermal imaging cameras . Also a number of useful devices for storing and talking drones, such as spare propellers, suitcases or stickers.

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Discover how easy your work can become with the help of modern technology. It is enough to use a series of specialized drones designed for observation. To do this, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer.