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About us. Mission and vision.

Our mission

We are a company that changes thinking about unmanned aerial vehicles. Using new technologies, we change the habits and habits of our customers. From now on, the work that had to be done in difficult conditions, labor-intensive and capital-intensive, can be done with a drone - faster, cheaper, safer

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Our vision

"We want to become a store that will offer drones to enterprises for specialized needs in various branches of the economy

Who we are?

MegaDron is a well-coordinated group of friends who share passion and love for new technologies - in particular for drones. We love to fly together, take photos and record videos, both from the air and from the ground. Thanks to everyday work on unmanned aerial vehicles, we can develop our interests. We also provide drone aerial filming services.

Get to know us better

David is an engineer by education. He is an expert in the field of mechanics and machine construction, he specializes in the operation of marine power plants and oceanographic facilities. Although he graduated from the Maritime Academy, he is also passionate about what happens in the air. It is he who has the most professional and precise knowledge of the technique in the team.
Bartek even expressed his fascination with drones in his master's thesis entitled "The use of unmanned aerial vehicles as a factor in the development of sectors and enterprises". He has a VLOS qualification certificate, therefore he knows the law in the subject of drones. He has a master's degree in management, so he is mainly responsible for creating spreadsheets and marketing.
Mateusz makes sure that the website is as functional as possible and works efficiently, because he graduated from Internet in Business at the Maritime University. Like Bartek, he has a VLOS qualification certificate. He is totally crazy about drones and loves speed, so he flies a lot of racing drones.

What is important to us?

We are fascinated by the possibilities that modern technology opens up to us, we want to promote flying in our country and co-create a community focused around drones. For this reason, we approach each client with care, and each order with due diligence. We are also happy to share the knowledge we have when advising the end customer.

How do we work?

We listen to you carefully to reach your needs as accurately as possible. Reliable interview allows us to precisely match specific solutions. Thanks to these experiences, we also know which drone and what solution will be best for you. We value professionalism. Drones are our passion.

Drone shop - Tricity

We invite you to visit our showroom in Gdynia.

drone shop Tricity (Gdynia, Gdansk, Sopot)DJI Matrice 200 Drone

We thank you all and wish you pleasant e-shopping and flights!

MegaDron team

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