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Mini 3 Pro

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DJI Mini 3 Pro is a small dorn with excellent performance parameters. It weighs less than 250 g (which means that it does not require registration) and fits easily in the palm of your hand (so it is very handy and convenient to transport and use). This device is perfect for amateur and professional use - it will be useful when recording holiday memories and making material for a vlog. It offers really impressive possibilities. If it fails, you can fix it yourself. Just buy spare parts from our store! You will find original service parts for Mini 3 Pro drones here.

Drone Pro - service parts for professional DJI Mini equipment

Parts of the drone gradually wear out during normal use. Sometimes, however, they are subject to mechanical damage. They can be caused by a collision or improper storage or transport. Insufficient operator skills also often result in a fault in the unmanned aerial vehicle. In such a situation, original spare parts recommended by the manufacturer come in handy. Thanks to them, you can continue your adventure with flights. Most often, elements such as the arms and housing of the drone are damaged, which may be in direct contact with obstacles in the drone's surroundings. When it comes to the DJI Mini 3 Pro, the service parts used to repair the drone should come from a reputable source. Only then will you be able to keep your equipment in good technical condition. In our store you can buy 7in1 tape for DJI Mavic Mini 3 Pro . The flex tape is used to connect the elements of the drone system. It is used when there are problems with communication of individual parts of the electronic system. The tape, that is. flat cable may fail due to improper use or strong shocks during flight and transportation. Replacing it takes some practice. It requires unscrewing and removing the outer casing of the drone and getting inside. If your device is under warranty, use the offer of an authorized service.

DJI Mini 3 Pro - repair

Devices such as drone Pro are equipment that combines the advantages of small size and capabilities used by professionals. They are characterized by high safety and long flight duration. In the event of a failure of elements such as the arm or housing, it is possible to repair the equipment yourself without the need for a professional service. With us you will get the most sought after spare parts: front and rear right and left arms with motors. The arms of the drone may be damaged as a result of collision, wear or mechanical damage during transport and storage. A faulty arm precludes further operation and prevents flights. How do I replace a broken DJI Mini Pro drone arm? Using a suitable screwdriver, remove the screws holding the body cover. Remove the top and bottom covers, then gently unscrew the screws holding the arm. Replace the arm and reassemble the housing components. Be sure to connect the arm cable properly. The drone housing is another part that can be mechanically damaged during a collision or fall, as well as due to improper protection during storage and transport. If the housing has been damaged, its replacement is also an option. In order for your drone to maintain its strength and still be as controllable as when it was first used, it will be necessary to replace the broken part.