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Payment methods


You can pay for orders using the fast and secure BLIK method.

+ Payments by VISA / MasterCard

You can pay for orders using a fast and secure VISA and MasterCard payment. In addition, it is possible to save card details to facilitate future purchases.

+ Payment in a stationary store

You can pick up orders in a stationary store by paying by card or cash . Stationary, we also offer installments and leasing .

+ Traditional / Proforma transfer

The transfer should be made to the account number:

86 1050 1764 1000 0090 3181 1970

ING currency EURO :
10 1050 1764 1000 0090 8064 8570

ING currency DOLLAR :
PL05 1050 1764 1000 0090 8157 6465

Sky scaff Dawid Łysik
st. Augustyna Necla 6A/1
81-377 Gdynia
The transfer should be titled with the order number.
After placing an order, a proforma document is automatically generated on the basis of which you can make a payment.

+ PayU / fast online transfers

Quickly and conveniently. PayU allows you to pay with cards, BLIK and express transfers. In addition, it is possible to purchase in installments.

+ Cash on delivery

We settle the order with the courier. We are sure that we will not be left without money and parcels.

+ Installment purchase eRaty (INSTALLATIONS 0%)

Choose a product and place an order
Choose the eRaty payment method, complete and send the e-application for a loan to the Bank and wait for the Bank's consultant to contact you
Choose a way of communication
a. electronically - in the form of PDF files
b. via courier - credit agreement concluded after a few days
Pick up the goods and enjoy your purchase
After positive verification of credit documents, the Bank will confirm to the store that it can release the goods

See how to buy in installments step by step

+ Credit Agricole Bank Polska S.A. (0%)

Use the Credit Agricole Installments payment option and choose the best.
Find out how easy it is:

  • for each product that can be purchased on CA Installments - check the amount of the installment
  • when you buy more things, you will pay for all purchases in installments - conveniently
  • you will use installments up to max. PLN 20,000
  • you can choose the number of installments and their amount yourself, so that the repayment is not troublesome for you
  • you will complete the application quickly and without unnecessary formalities, without leaving your home
  • You will receive the contract and purchases at home

Check conditions!

SKY SCAFF Dawid Łysik declares that based on the agreements concluded with Credit Agricole Bank Polska SA
is authorized to perform legal actions related to the conclusion/amendment of contracts
credit for the purchase of goods and services.

Installment purchase process

1. Choose a product and place an order
Take advantage of Credit Agricole Raty by selecting Credit Agricole Raty as the payment method. The minimum credit amount depends on individual arrangements with the online store where you make the purchase.
2. Apply
Fill out the loan application on the Bank's website, after being redirected from the online store. Complete your data, read the loan terms and conditions and submit the application to the Bank. After a while you will receive a preliminary credit decision.
3. Confirm your identity
Make an identification transfer for the amount of PLN 1 to the indicated Bank account and attach photos of your ID card to confirm your identity.
4. Sign the loan agreement
Accept the terms and conditions and sign the credit agreement and Customer Card with the password you will receive via SMS. You will receive the loan agreement signed by the Bank to your e-mail inbox when the Bank verifies your data.
5. Order fulfillment
The store will complete the order and send the goods to you.

+ Leasing

See how easy it is:

  1. After selecting the goods, select payment on the ordering page LeaseLink and place an order,
  2. on the secure website, we complete the basic company data and follow the messages sent by e-mail and made available on the dedicated LeaseLink website.
  3. Leasing offers are presented, after accepting the terms of the contract and automatic verification, we receive a leasing contract ready to sign.
  4. After signing the contract, we receive confirmation and send the order to the address indicated.

Regardless of whether you want to make a purchase in an online store, by phone or at a stationary point - the whole procedure will be equally simple, quick and trouble-free.

See more about leasing

+ Deferred payment date

By making regular purchases with us, you can count on a deferred payment. For economic operators, an official order must be provided.


Taxfree для дронів

Як мандрівник із постійним місцем проживання за межами Європейського Союзу (ЄС), ви маєте право вимагати відшкодування ПДВ, якщо ви вивозите за межі ЄС товари, придбані в Польщі, в цілості. Стосується стаціонарних покупок

Drony za kryptowaluty

Payment for drones with cryptocurrencies

We provide the option of paying in cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, XRP using zondacrypto pay

Zonda Pay is a payment gateway based on blockchain technology. In order to make a payment with cryptocurrencies, please place an order and contact us by e-mail with information on which cryptocurrency you want to use. We will generate a payment address in response.