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AfterShokz - wireless sports headphones

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Sports headphones for running and cycling

More and more often we use headphones while running, cycling or when we move around the city. This is accompanied by a limited awareness of what is happening around us, and the issue of security is becoming a pressing problem around the world. There are new regulations regulating the use of headphones while cycling or driving a car. Join the aftershokz in efforts to increase safety.

We pick up sounds every day using bone conduction

Aeropex earphones fit closer to your cheekbones, delivering more bass and reducing vibrations.

We hear many everyday sounds through bone conduction, such as when we grind our teeth, eat cookies, or scratch our heads.

  • Beethoven - Bone conduction was discovered by Ludwig van Beethoven, a famous 18th century composer who was nearly deaf. Beethoven discovered a way to hear music by placing a chopstick between his teeth and holding it against the piano
  • Military - The French military has used over 20,000 bone conduction headsets under the FELIN program.
  • Medicine - Baha's bone conduction implant has changed the lives of over 120,000 people with conductive hearing loss.

Who will find something for themselves in this category?

All products that we present in this category are original. This is important because there are many attempts to cheat and counterfeit the quality of this equipment. However, there is only one AfterShokz wireless headphones and we present them in this category. It is therefore a place for active people who know what they want, do sports and are constantly on the move, and do not want to stop. It is also a product for those who believe that obstacles should be overcome, not run away from them.

Why choose AfterShokz headphones for running?

Among the various models of AfterShokz headphones, you will find above all quality. This is a company that deals with modern technology, which can be seen in the wireless headphones based on bone conduction. Thanks to this, the sound reaches you even more precisely, you hear it clearly and without distortion, and at the same time you no longer have to wear headphones in your ears, which for many people means discomfort. It is also a health issue, because wearing such headphones is natural and does not change the design of the hearing aid.

What products do we offer?

Do you expect well-sounding, reliable and functional wireless headphones? AfterShokz will let you do it all at the same time. Our assortment includes various models of these headphones, so you can choose between: Waterproof models, recommended for swimmers, adapted to swimming goggles, Models for those who are constantly on the go - with noise reduction and soundproofing so that sounds do not get out of the headphones, Models for those who want to talk on the move and not worry that the interlocutor will hear everything around, except their voice. It is worth checking which model suits you more and what you care about in particular. Choose specialized headphones that will reflect your expectations.

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Browse through the entire range and browse through the different categories to find not only AfterShokz bone conduction headphones that are right for you, but also much more. Check out our recreational offer and many more. We enjoy your shopping!