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Sell ​​your used drone

We are looking for your used drones

Whether they are operational, damaged, flooded or damaged - we want to buy them from you! In return, you can get equipment with us at a discount.

Get cash for your drone

We offer a convenient way to get cash for your old or unused drone. You can get a discount in our physical store in case you want to buy a new drone.

Sell ​​with ease

We will buy your used drone right away. Our process is easy and uncomplicated - just send us your product details and we'll contact you for a quote.

Drone commission - we will buy your drone, even damaged

We also offer drones in our shop. We will buy your used drone regardless of condition. We will accept operational, damaged, flooded and damaged drones.

DJI drone consignment - how to sell?

In order to make a diagnosis, please send an email with the necessary information:

  • model
  • state
  • damage (if any)
  • photos of the actual state (if you have)


Leave the drone in the settlement

If you want to buy a new drone, you can also trade in your old drone.

Damaged drones accepted in our consignment are disassembled into their first parts, then we verify the condition of the components. This allows us to give a second life to other drones that we repair. In the case of older drones, spare parts are often unavailable, which makes repairs impossible, so we are looking for alternative solutions. This allows you to give a second life to electronics and is ecological.

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