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Drones used in agriculture

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Who are agricultural drones dedicated to?

Agricultural drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that can perform self-spraying flights, without the need for control by people sitting inside, and can either climb automatically - thanks to the systems built into them - or are controlled remotely, with their flight capabilities going far beyond the pilot's line of sight. Once, these were equipment that only the military could afford - today, however, they are used in agriculture! Drones for farmers are becoming more and more popular - they are constantly being modernized. A series of agricultural drones, specialized machines, is intended primarily for farmers who manage their farms in a modern way. It is a great help in everyday activities and support in the use of modern technology in the production process. Specialist drones are dedicated to operators who can operate this type of equipment. They are not dedicated to amateurs. These are drones designed to meet specific goals, including spraying fields with drones. Thanks to unmanned aerial vehicles, farming becomes easier and more efficient.

What models of spraying drones can you find in our offer?

Agricultural drones must stand out with their specifications. These are task drones that are designed to perform specific tasks. Among the models we offer in this category, you will find, among others:

All these drones have been equipped with systems that facilitate the work of farmers and enable better data analysis, better use of cultivation techniques and the possibility of using drones for spraying.

Characteristics of agricultural drones

Agricultural drones have a specific purpose. They have been designed to be responsible for important functions in the process of monitoring and spraying fields with drones.

  • Special planning of the spraying route, so you can ensure maximum comfort and the most effective way to spray evenly.
  • Spray zones better matched to the route you travel, so you do your job more accurately, and every plant, every crop is covered with the right product.

Agricultural drones, specially adapted to work, also mean special crop monitoring.

  • Accurate analysis of crops in terms of their growth rate, diseases and soil needs. Thanks to this, you have everything you need at your fingertips and the analysis allows you to avoid costs.

Additional accessories for farmers

It is also worth looking at the accessories that professional drones can be equipped with. For drones for agricultural purposes, it would be worth choosing e.g. special cameras or other equipment that will help you better match the specification of the spraying drone to the nature of the work. Sequoia+ multispectral camera

Find your model!

We invite you to use the search option and check which drone model best suits your daily duties. Check it out for yourself and view the entire offer that we present in this category.

Why are drones used in geodesy?

The use of modern unmanned aerial vehicles is indisputably a revolution in the world of industry. One of the fields that tries to draw on technological possibilities is geodesy. Mapping drones with special cameras are a prime example of how jobs that used to take hours can be done quickly and easily today.

What makes our products so perfect?

By choosing from the surveying products we offer you, you get something special. These are high-end models that are designed to perform accurate terrain mapping. In this way, they support geodetic work, making it faster and more accurate. They are equipped with the most perfect cameras and systems that analyze and facilitate control.

What models do we offer as part of surveying drones?

By offering geodetic drones for professional, industrial use, we ensure that each model is durable and quality. Among others, these are:

  • DJI Phantom 4 RTK
  • Yuneec H520 RTK with geodetic camera,
  • D-RTK 2 Mobile Station for DJI Phantom 4.

We also invite you to familiarize yourself with the other models of surveying drones that we offer in this category.

What are crop inspection cameras?

The high-end devices that we are pleased to offer in this category are specialized Sentera crop inspection cameras. These are devices used industrially in agriculture, where unmanned aerial vehicles are usually used to analyze and collect data from fields. Thanks to them, it is possible to better manage crop rotation and fight against threats.

Sentera camera specifications

When you choose Sentera products for farmers, you can be sure that they are specialized equipment, giving perfect measurements and accurate yield statistics. They are agile and fast, allowing for the analysis of large-format fields. Sentera cameras are designed to accurately support sustainable agriculture and help you choose the best solutions for farmers' needs.

What models can you find in our offer?

Among the Sentera multispectral cameras you will also find:

  • NDVI series crop inspection cameras,
  • NDRE series crop inspection cameras,
  • Dual camera series
  • Quad,Double 4K camera series.

We encourage you to review all the products separately and choose the one from the wide spectrum that we give you. We invite you!