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Professional drones with a camera

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Professional drones in our store for your needs

Professional drones are equipped with a gimbal, which makes the image from the copter free of vibrations and tilts. Multi-rotors have professional systems making the flight safe. GPS makes the drone maintain a fixed position in the air without the merit of the operator even in strong winds. The FPV (First Person View) system allows you to view the image from the drone in real time thanks to which we have an insight into the recorded video and photos. Return Home is a system that will work when the drone loses connection with the controller. Then the copter will automatically return to the starting point according to the specified route. Autonomous flight allows you to plan the route that our drone is to cover independently according to the parameters we specify. "Follow me" is an innovative system thanks to which our drone will follow us . Riding a bike, we can admire the views, and our drone will follow us and record us. Telemetry displays a lot of useful data on the screen, such as: the number of GPS satellites, flight time, remaining flight time, battery charge indicator, signal strength, amount of memory on the SD card, height, ascent speed, descent speed, distance from the operator, the course of the route on the Google map and beautiful views ;) All these systems make it easier and more efficient to operate the drone and minimize the risk of undesirable events. Professional drones can be used as a useful work tool , and the ways of using them are limited by our imagination. DJI Phantom , Yuneec .