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Live View (FPV) Racing Drones

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Live View (FPV) Racing Drones

Racing drones are characterized by a compact design and low weight. This combination guarantees not only excellent maneuverability, but also lightning-fast acceleration. The name FPV, or first person view, refers to the view from the first person perspective, which is implemented by goggles. This device is equipped with high-end displays that reproduce live the image recorded by the camera of the unmanned aerial vehicle. The FPV racing drone is designed both for people who want to record extremely dynamic shots, as well as for lovers of competition and fighting for places on the podium.

Racing drones, i.e. sports models offered by our store

The assortment of our store includes FPV drones designed for professionals and less experienced pilots. We offer only models of renowned brands, such as DJI and BetaFPV, guaranteeing high quality and long life. What distinguishes FPV drones? The aerodynamic design allows you to achieve dizzying speeds both when flying straight and when negotiating tight turns. In our store you can order drones equipped with cameras with an ultra wide-angle lens. Thanks to them, you can record spectacular shots in 4K quality. We offer models equipped with a gimbal that guarantees a hypnotically smooth image, even in the case of a very dynamic flight. In addition, a large range combined with a stable signal ensure versatile use of drones.

Racing drone - enter a world full of emotions

A drone with an FPV camera allows you to observe the world around us from a completely different perspective. Currently, drone racing is steadily gaining in popularity. They are attended by pilots of all ages who compete on specially prepared tracks. FPV drones, thanks to their design, are designed for dynamic flight, sudden stops and changes of direction. These features make them perfect for filming many sports where there are sudden twists. In addition, shots from the FPV drone are a great variety to the film material. An unprecedented perspective, combined with dynamic recordings, guarantee that the film will literally take your breath away.

FPV drone - great fun

In the assortment of our store you will also find a wide selection of accessories for FPV drones. We offer e.g. additional batteries to extend the flight time, wall chargers, car chargers, as well as hubs and power cables. Thanks to them, your drone will never run out of energy. In addition, we also offer propeller protection components, guards, antennas, propellers, frames, controllers and many other products. If you have any questions related to FPV drones or accessories, please contact our experienced advisors.

If you are interested in drones or already have your own recording equipment, you have probably heard of FPV drones. This form of flights takes you to a hitherto unknown form of entertainment. Put on the goggles, launch the drone and feel like a bird. In our store you will find ready-made FPV drones for flying - you can train them at home ( BetaFPV Whoop Racing Starter Kit 2 ) or choose a bit more powerful equipment for flying at home and outside ( BetaFPV Whoop Racing Advanced Kit 2 )