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Photographic gloves

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Do you want to shoot great footage with a drone on a frosty day? You need photo gloves . This is the basic equipment of every drone shooter who shoots videos and takes photos in a cold winter scenery. That is why in this category of the Megadron store you will find great photographic gloves that will warm your hands and allow for trouble-free operation of the drone. See for yourself!

PGYTECH photo gloves in the Megadron store

There are some great products that will appeal to drone operators. One of them is the PGYTECH XL photo gloves . This is the entry-level model for photographers and drone operators. 6-layer photography gloves provide full protection against wind, moisture and at the same time allow the skin to breathe. They are equipped with practical buckles that catch the outstretched fingertips. They are especially useful when you need to perform a precise task, e.g. replace the battery in the transmitter or drone. However, what is most important in the presented model of photographic gloves is the ability to control the touch screen without removing your fingers. This is possible due to the presence of conductive materials. This option works great especially in the greatest frosts. Photographic gloves from PGYTECH can be found in our online and stationary store. Remember to choose a slightly larger size than you actually have, which will contribute to better controllability of the drone during operation.

Excellent Vallerret photo gloves at Megadron

If full naturalness, style and maximum functionality are important to you, take a look at the Vallerret Urbex Glove Brown photographic gloves . Available in 5 sizes, they will allow you to operate the drone and photographic equipment in almost all conditions. The exposed fingers attached to the magnet are a great option that ensures the comfort of using the touch screen and does not negatively affect the style of the photography gloves . And these are covered with a one-color brown goatskin resistant to low temperatures. Inside you will feel 100% Merino sheep wool, which thoroughly warms every part of your hand. The stylish finish is due to the knitted cuff. Everything you'd expect from a photography glove is in this model.

Satisfied shopping on Megadron

If you expect the highest level of satisfaction and matching the assortment to your needs, check the full offer of the Megadron store. This is the perfect place for drone enthusiasts and people who are looking for parts for their steerable models. As a photographer, you will also appreciate the option of a full equipment service in the event of a malfunction due to many years of use. If you have questions, please use the contact option. Join our satisfied customers!