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Drone service and repair

Professional Megadron drone service in Gdynia

Your drone has crashed, is not working properly or is showing an error and you are wondering where to fix the drone? Our drone service is one of the largest in Poland. Our service technicians have many years of experience and approach each client individually. Thanks to the fact that we also run a shop, the parts needed for repair are easily available.

We specialize in DJI drone service, Parrot, Yuneec and Autel service. If you have a drone from another manufacturer, please contact us and we will answer if we can repair it.

The official DJI drone service is only in the Netherlands and Germany, which makes the costs of shipping, parts and drone service high. With us, drone repair is cheaper than on the DJI website. The shipping price is also much lower than in the case of shipping to the DJI service. Some repairs are settled by BAJA Bartosz Betiuk Baryki 4, 81-198 Pogórze, NIP 5871720036.

Fill out the service form

We repair drones for people from both the Tri-City and the whole country. You can fill out an online application and send the drone or deliver it in person to a stationary salon in Gdynia.

The waiting time for repair oscillates in the range of 7-28 days. However, it may be extended due to:

  • a large number of repairs awaiting service
  • the complexity of the reported bug
  • temporary unavailability of the part needed for the repair on the market

If you care about time and would like to order the EXPRESS service. Please contact our consultant before sending your drone to us to discuss repair details.

  1. To report a drone repair, click the button shown next to it, create an account and fill out the online form. You will receive an individual repair number marked with the symbol MD/**/**/**.

    Report a repair
  2. If you want to send us a device, you can send it yourself to the following address:

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    Megadron store

    st. Śląska 33

    81-310 Gdynia

    or order a courier who will pick up the package from home (the amount of PLN 15 will be added to the repair)

    Order a courier

    If you want to deliver the device in person, visit our showroom

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    Megadron store

    st. Śląska 33

    81-310 Gdynia

    Monday Friday

    9 - 17


    10 - 14
  3. Mark your device with the unique repair number you received, and in case of any questions, give it to the service. We provide all information regarding the diagnosis, statuses and repair costs by e-mail and by phone.

Attention! Send only the necessary elements of the kit (drone, battery and controller). Before delivering the equipment, make sure that there is no memory card in the device and that the composition of the set is the same as you provided in the application.

We are not responsible for any accessories not listed in your application.

How much does a drone service cost?

The costs of repairing the drone depend on the model, price of parts and the degree of damage to the equipment, and the amount is determined individually depending on the time to be spent on the repair.

We always consult the valuation with the client and expect the cost to be approved before starting the repair. If they are not accepted or the repair is unprofitable, the cost of the drone service will be as much as the diagnosis costs. The cost of the diagnosis is from PLN 130 to PLN 170, depending on the model and the complexity of the problem.

  • In the case of a flooded drone, the INITIAL cost of PLN 450 must be accepted, which includes cleaning and diagnosing the device. This cost is independent of the course of the repair. It can take up to 3 months to repair a flooded drone.
  • Recording a video and submitting a request to assign DJI Care after 48 hours of activation - PLN 100
  • In the case of exchange support under DJI Care, when the drone and insurance were purchased outside our store, a fee of PLN 200 applies.

Examples of drone repairs on the Megadron website

FPV racing drone service

Hundreds of hours of flying fpv drones gave us a lot of experience during the configuration and service of our own racing drones. During numerous repairs, which most often concerned: configuration, binding, replacement of ESCs, motors, broken arm. Sometimes it happens that a spare item is unavailable, but this does not mean the end. We also offer experience in 3D printing or adding a carbon element. The range of possibilities of our FPV racing drone service is huge, as the number of places to fly drones. If you want to repair an FPV racing drone or, for example, change the system from FRSKY to CRSF, you are on the right track!

Waiting time depends on the complexity of the fault and the availability of parts. It oscillates in the range of 7 - 28 days, but it can be extended depending on the problem.

The serial number (S/N) can be found on the original box or inside the drone in the battery compartment.

All we need is a drone, a controller and a battery. If possible, keep your devices charged. Include a printed repair form or repair number.

Yes, three months. The warranty does not apply to flooded drones.


We inform you about changes in the repair status by e-mail and SMS. The service form is available at all times.

Bring the equipment to the service and register the expertise for the insurer. The cost of the expertise is PLN 250. You will receive a document containing a diagnosis of the device including a list of parts to be replaced and the cost of repair, which will be the basis for receiving compensation for the repair.

Yes. The “express” service is additionally payable at PLN 100 - 200. The waiting time is from 1 to 4 days. Contact the store to determine if the express is possible for your repair.

Yes. You can order a courier to your home by clicking the "order a courier" button.

If you want to use DJI Care Refresh insurance, pack only the drone and battery.

Yes, but you must inform the service that the drone is under warranty beforehand.

Do not start the device and let it dry. Submit the drone for exchange under insurance or if you have not purchased a policy, contact us and we will try to help.

Yes, but then we charge a fee for sending and handling the application in the amount of PLN 300 for a drone and PLN 200 for cameras and gimbals .

NO. We carry out repairs only on our own components.