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Index KP of the sun

What is the KP index?

The KP index determines the radiation index of solar particles that affect the Earth's magnetic field. These are explosions on the Sun, causing increased radiation activity that can negatively affect the GPS signal in the drone.

During a magnetic storm, there may be a problem with establishing a connection with the appropriate number of GPS satellites, so the drone will not be able to maintain its position or return to the starting point.

Interesting fact: a high index allows you to observe the Northern Lights at high latitudes.

Where to check the KP index?

On this page you can always check the current KP status, visible in the picture. Application for droners, where you can check the KP index is UAV Forecast (recommended)

TL;DR - KP index, tells us whether we can fly a drone with a GPS system. If the status is "green", then we can.

Current KP index

kp index

GPS drones can be significantly affected with KP 5 or higher, which can lead to unpredictable flight maneuvers due to signal interference.

Refrain from using GPS or compass-enabled systems during the red phase of KP.