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Geodetic drones for mapping terrain and objects

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Who are surveying drones dedicated to?

The drones that we offer in this category are a series of unique products, perfectly suited to the needs of surveyors. These are industrial drones, functional and responding to the tasks of mapping terrain and objects. Drones for surveyors are equipped with special systems and tailored to the needs of consumers.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with their capabilities and use surveying drones in every task that you will encounter during the performance of your duties.

Find the right drone model for surveyors

Many of the drone models we offer are entertainment drones, so-called sports. This time, however, we offer models tailored to the needs of professionals. Here are some of the models we have available:

Among the models, you can find various possibilities, dedicated to various specializations and the specificity of specific surveying works.

Geodesy drones - characteristics

Geodetic drones are primarily intended for people who are looking for excellent analytical devices. They collect and collect and enable analysis of data that is used to infiltrate the area and facilities.

  • Accurate data collection including Normalized Vegetation Index (NDVI), Green NDVI, Normalized Red Edge Difference (NDRE) and high resolution data logging.
  • Accelerate photo downloads and use a wide range of camera angles to capture everything down to the smallest detail and aid analysis.

In addition, drones for surveyors have systems that integrate data.

  • Easy access to systems thanks to FiledAgent, which speeds up data analysis and facilitates geodetic tasks.
  • The smooth image in high resolution and FullHD quality gives you maximum opportunities to use the view from above.

Add-ons and accessories for industrial drones

What's new? First of all, add-ons and accessories that are worth a look. There are all kinds of products that support the integration of drones into the environment. In addition, it is worth using different types of cameras to use drones for geodesy in a more effective way.

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We encourage you to look for the best solution among each of the products. It is worth paying attention to the quality and specification of individual models and decide on what is best for you!