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The "Reviews" category is where you'll find in-depth opinions and ratings of drone-related products.


One of the dreams of Star Wars fans has come true-you can become a pilot and take part in battles with one of the ships from the Star Wars universe!
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Yuneeca Typhoon Q500 4K review
Review by one of our customers (Mr. Paul), who has been a helicopter pilot for 7 years - mainly acrobatic 450 and 250 class machines. However, he recently came up with the idea that he would personally test what the phenomenon of multicopters (also known as drones) is all about.
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Yuneec Typhoon H Advanced review
Reviewed by Paul, who has been flying acrabatic RC helicopters for more than 8 years, including multicopters for some time, hence the review will be through the eyes of a more experienced UAV operator. The Yuneec Typhoon H drone has been in the news for some time before its release. Speaking of implementation of colission avoidence technology, Intel funds. The noise was considerable. But whether there were really reasons for this - to find out I invite you to the review.
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