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Going on a trip*, take HoverAir X1 in briefcase

Going on a trip*, take HoverAir X1 in briefcase

*bicycle - we have limited luggage! Learn more about the HoverAir X1.

Fly here and now: HoverAir X1

In the world of drones, dominated by one manufacturer, the appearance of equipment "from another stable" is a great joy for us. We have been watching the brand for a long time Zero Zero Robotics, which takes the uniqueness of its own products to heart. It all started with the bicopter, a unique drone that has only two engines. Yes, years! He is doing quite well, as we had the opportunity to test the V- Coptr Falcon model.

HoverAir X1 also stands out. What?

In this article we will introduce you to the main features of this drone and compare it with the popular DJI Mini 2SE model. Find out how the HoverAir X1 works, what results can be achieved using it, what its limitations are, and whether it is worth choosing it. Read on for all the details!

Mobility - something for something

At a glance. HoverAir X1 is an ultra mobile drone for the Sunday filmmaker. I have in mind a situation where the DJI Mini drone + controller is too much. You ride a bike, but every gram counts. This is the drone I carried in my backpack to work for two weeks, along with my laptop and sandwiches. I forgot I had it there. 128 grams. Good thing I don't have that with sandwiches. During the trip to Szczyrk, skiing was also in the backpack during the descents. There were supposed to be test footage from the slopes, but the weather did not permit. That's the cool thing about this mobility, maybe you'll record something, but you don't have to. Nothing by force :)

The foldable drone weighs just 128 grams and can be easily transported. The drone's weight is one of its greatest assets. Any drone weighing less than 250 grams is a major achievement, as it does not require registration or meeting additional legal requirements. HoverAir X1 takes off from the palm of your hand within 3 seconds and also lands in the hand. Protective cover over propellers ensures safe takeoff and landing. HoverAir X1 drone does not come with a controller. It flies thanks to a set of predefined flight paths, such as Hover, Follow, Zoom Out, Orbit and Bird's Eye. Each mode is customizable (time, pitch, sound on/off, etc.).), but it is necessary to use the mobile application. There is also a manual control mode, in which you can pilot the drone using the controller in the Android/iOS app. Here, too, the app should be praised for its flawless performance and good UX.

HoverAir X1 innowacyjny dronHoverAir X1 sledzenie

How the HoverAir X1 works? Practical application and flight modes

In addition to its portability, the HoverAir X1 drone offers many features that can be useful in various situations. One of them is the ability to take off and land the drone directly from the palm of your hand. This way you don't have to worry about a special place to take off or land - just reach out and the drone is ready to fly. Protective cover over the propellers ensures safe maneuvering during both takeoff and landing.

The HoverAir X1 drone also offers various flight modes that can be customized to suit your preferences. Hover mode allows automatic framing of the user from a fixed position for hands-free selfies. Follow mode allows the user to be tracked from the front or rear, even at speeds of up to 20 km/h. Zoom Out mode gradually covers more and more of the environment, creating a dramatic effect. The Orbit mode allows the user to circle evenly, while the Bird's Eye enables recording of views from above. Each of these modes can be customized in terms of time, pitch, sound inclusion, etc., however, it is necessary to use the mobile application.

HoverAir X1 lekki dronHoverAir X1 dron

"Quality" of image and sound

Thanks to resolution 2.7K/30fps and the use of a mechanical gimbal and electronic image stabilization, the drone provides smooth and stable recordings. As for the quality of the recordings.

One of the unique features of the HoverAir X1 drone is the following the ability to record audio using a smartphone microphone. This way, you don't have to worry about the sound being disturbed by the noise of the drone's engines. The drone's app synchronizes the recorded audio with the video after downloading it to a smartphone. This will give you high quality sound that will perfectly match your video recordings.

Evaluation of the quality of photos and videos obtained with the HoverAir X1 medium drone. Photos as well as videos have adequate sharpness and color saturation. The drone is equipped with 32 GB of internal memory, which allows you to store a large amount of materials. However, there is no way to expand this memory with a microSD card. That's why it's a good idea to regularly download your recordings and photos to external devices to free up space for new content.

HoverAir X1 automatyczny dron

HoverAir X1

Small but stable!

You unfold, press a button, extend your hand and 3 seconds later the drone is in the air. While testing the HoverAir X1 drone, I paid attention to its stability in flight. The drone remained at a constant altitude and showed no vibration or drifting. This meant that I had full control over it and could focus on taking pictures and videos.

The HoverAir X1 drone is equipped with sensors on the bottom of the. However, it is worth remembering that the drone does not have an advanced automatic obstacle avoidance system or a function for tracking more than one person. So you need to keep your drone visible and keep an eye on it at all times to avoid collisions.

HoverAir X1 lot

Comparison of the HoverAir X1 with the DJI Mini: Prices, specifications and differences

DJI Mini is a popular series of drones that are available on the market, and if you are wondering which one to choose, keep in mind that they are completely different drones!

HoverAir X1DJI Mini 2 SE
Price1699 zł1549 zł
Weight128 grams249 grams
Flight time11 minutes31 minutes
Flight distance30 meters15,700 meters
Image quality2.7K/30fps2.7K/30fps

Summary: Is the HoverAir X1 worth choosing?

It depends on what you care about. HoverAir X1 drone is an interesting alternative to current drones. Although the price of the HoverAir X1 is high, this drone offers many unique features that can attract users. First of all, its light weight and foldable design make it extremely portable and ideal for taking on the road, on biking and hiking trips, and anywhere else where every "gram" counts. In addition, the ability to record audio using a smartphone microphone allows you to get high quality sound in your video recordings. This drone can be especially useful for vloggers and people looking for a simple and easy-to-use selfie device.

In conclusion, the HoverAir X1 drone has many advantages, but also some limitations. Compared to the DJI Mini 2SE, it has a shorter flight time, shorter flight distance and lighter weight. However, if you care about size, it is worth considering the purchase of HoverAir X1.

Choose DJI Mini if you are looking for image quality, interested in drone handling and catching frames.

spec. Matthew Hubert
Graduate of the Maritime Academy, completed the course of Internet in business. Holds a VLOS qualification certificate. He's a total fiend for drones and new technology, and he also loves speed, so he flies racing drones a lot.
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