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DJI Care Drone Insurance

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Insure your DJI drone against accidents

How does DJI Care work?

Drone accidents are nothing special. Even the best can lead the equipment incorrectly, not to mention failures and random events. In each such case, we have to repair the damage ourselves. Drone theft is similarly problematic. That is why it is worth having DJI Care insurance then.

What type of drone insurance do we offer?

Insurance is a form of protecting us against losses. Water damage, damage or theft may render the product unfit for flight. That is why it is worth taking advantage of the drone insurance that we offer. Depending on the package, it can be complete or partial. Anyone who has a drone no longer has to worry about destroying it.

What exactly can be found in this category?

By choosing one of our insurances, you receive the appropriate protection:

  • With the professional version - DJI Entreprise Shield - a free, new drone or drone with no signs of use.
  • With the amateur version or other types of sports drones, a small fee for which you will receive a new or unmarked drone.