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DJI Avata

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DJI Avata are unique CineWhoop FPV drones - they are small in size and equipped with special propeller guards and cameras for recording high-resolution images. These drones are suitable for maneuvering in confined spaces. In our store you can buy original accessories compatible with this brand: filters, transmission systems, batteries, charging hubs, goggles, landing mats, suitcases and bags. Browse the DJI Avata category and find additional equipment for your drone!

Parts and accessories for DJI Avata - shop

Additional equipment for drones allows you to increase the comfort and convenience of the operator. Each type of accessory performs different functions. Some of them are useful when controlling the flight of the drone. These include FPV goggles, with which you can watch in real time the image recorded by the camera on the drone. In addition, the store's offer includes batteries and charging hubs that give you the opportunity to conveniently replenish the energy necessary for a longer flight. Safe storage and transport are also important. This can be ensured by placing the device in a special case that will protect it from dust, moisture and impacts.

UV, ND and PL filters for DJI Avata drones

In our store you will find original UV, ND and PL filters for the Avata series. How do they differ and in what situation is it worth using them? 1.     UV filters - used mainly as protection of the lens against scratches and harmful radiation that degrades the sensor; 2.     ND filters – prevent too much exposure and guarantee good color saturation, allow you to shorten the shutter speed. Perfect for taking night shots; 3.     PL filters – reflect solar radiation. They are useful for photographing vast spaces, such as the sea. They reduce the presence of reflections. It is important to choose the right filter and match it to the specific conditions prevailing when taking photos and recording movies. The DJI drone filters available at our store are made of light and durable plastic. They are resistant to mechanical damage, easy to assemble and disassemble. PGYTECH filters are covered with a special coating that repels water and grease, making it a bit easier to keep them clean. When it comes to optical filters for DJI Avata, the Megadron store has a lot to offer its customers.

DJI Avata batteries and charging hubs - shop

Every drone user knows how important it is to keep the batteries charged. You can buy intelligent batteries compatible with the DJI Avata model from us. They make it possible to significantly extend the flight time - just replace the used, discharged batteries with new ones. Dedicated DJI chargers and other accessories - hubs are best for charging. You will find all these devices in this store category . The DJI Avata Battery Charging Hub has a sequential charging function, which makes charging more efficient. You will also find Li-Ion batteries for drone goggles. They are enough for about 2 hours of work of the FPV glasses. Thanks to them, it is possible to observe live the image recorded by the camera installed on the drone.

DJI drone transmission system

In our offer you will also find accessories for video transmission in a stable and smooth way. Thanks to them, the live view will become exceptionally clear. The excellent transmission results from the numerous functions and modes of this equipment. The professional DJI O3 Air Unit transmission system ensures excellent video transmission, wide field of view and extremely low latency. Allows you to view FPV image in real time.

Bags and cases for DJI Avata drones - a store with original accessories for drones

Packaging for DJI Avata is matched in size and filling to this model of drones. Some of them, such as the Sunnylife bag for the DJI Avata Pro-View Combo, are light and handy fabric cases. These models have a handle for convenient carrying and a strap equipped with length adjustment. The case holds the drone, controller, spare batteries and goggles. The Sunnylife or PGYTECH bag are perfect for carrying the drone to the place of use. How to find the perfect one? Choose one of the models with a zipper on one or two sides. Also note the presence of a handle and shoulder strap. There are also mesh pockets inside the bag that allow you to store small, flat items. In our store's offer you will also find suitcases made of hard, durable material. They will be perfect for storing and transporting equipment. Among them , the PGYTECH waterproof case for DJI Avata deserves attention . Made of polypropylene and EVA foam, it guarantees protection of the drone and equipment against moisture, temperature and shocks. A comfortable handle makes it easy to carry the suitcase.

Other Avata drone accessories

You can complete your drone equipment with us. In the category of accessories for DJI Avata in our store you will find universal and practical accessories. The mat is useful when there is no flat surface suitable for taking off and landing the drone. A set of additional propellers is useful when the basic set has been worn or damaged in everyday use. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the DJI Avata category. Here you will find comprehensive equipment for FPV drones that will allow you to improve comfort during storage, transport and use of your quadrocopter. Accessories for these specific-looking drones include: batteries, charging hubs, filters and bags. You can find all these things in our store's offer.