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Parrot drones

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Who are Parrot drones useful for?

Professional Parrot drones are designed for specialists in such fields as: agriculture, real estate, construction, technical inspection. These are machines prepared to work in various conditions, helpful in several areas of life. They are designed to facilitate everyday activities and make the work of an inspector or farmer much easier. Parrot drones are a unique design created with the specific purpose of each model in mind.

Which professional drone to choose?

The products we offer in this category include models such as: Parrot Anafi in WORK version , Parrot Bebop Thermal , Parrot Bluegrass ,Parrot Disco Pro AG . Each of these drones performs different functions and is designed to work in a different environment. It is worth getting acquainted with the detailed technical specifications of the models to choose the one that perfectly fits the expectations we set for a professional drone.

What will you find in the specification of professional drones?

Parrot drones are a well-known and recognized brand in the drone market for specialists. Therefore, their primary task is to serve while they work. The Bebop Thermal model is useful for architects, roofers or technical construction inspectors, who can thus conduct a thorough inspection of the facility, obtaining the image from a traditional and thermal imaging camera. Thanks to professional drones, you can easily perform everyday duties, and this is especially visible in agriculture. Here, drones serve in different ways. The Parrot Bluegrass is a multi-purpose model. Thanks to the technology of waves with four different lengths and red light invisible to the human eye, it allows you to report on the condition of crops at every stage of their growth.

Parrot drones - add-ons

Most Parrot drone models are equipped with the latest technology. We are talking, among other things, about a multispectral sensor that enables better navigation and recognition of specific types of parameters of the observed surfaces. However, if you have a professional drone and the sensor is the most interesting from your point of view, it is worth looking at the drone accessories section and reviewing the solutions available there for working with a drone in FPV technology.

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We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the entire offer of professional Parrot drones, which are available on our website. You will certainly find a solution dedicated to your industry and you will be able to use technology to make your everyday life easier.