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New drones for autonomous missions - DJI Matrice 3D and Matrice 3TD

New drones for autonomous missions - DJI Matrice 3D and Matrice 3TD

New drones DJI Matrice 3D i Matrice 3TD have been tailored specifically to work with DJI Dock 2, are a smaller version of M30T, designed to be outdoors. Devices introduced by DJI offer advanced capabilities for autonomous missions. They are perfect for numerous applications, from precision mapping to inspection and rescue operations. In this article you will learn about the capabilities of the new drones, their parameters, compatibility, and find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Application DJI Matrice 3D/3TD

Matrice 3D is equipped with a tele camera and a wide-angle camera with a mechanical shutter, meeting all the needs for precise mapping at a scale of 1:500. Meanwhile, the Matrice 3TD, equipped with a telephoto lens, wide-angle camera and thermal imaging camera, can capture images in both visible and infrared light. This is especially useful for law enforcement or inspection operations. Both drones are equipped with ambient detection systems and automatic obstacle avoidance functions, which protects them from collisions with trees, buildings and other large obstacles. Thanks to Dock 2's advanced operational capabilities, each drone can be used for operations requiring particular precision.

Drones are equipped with integrated antennas RTK, enables full omnidirectional obstacle detection and automatic obstacle avoidance, the efficiency of each flight. They also feature a maximum flight time of 50 minutes, an operating range of up to 10 km, an IP54 rating to protect against wind and dust, and the ability to recharge for 400 cycles.

High-standard operations:

  • dustproof and waterproof IP54
  • maximum flight time 50 min
  • 6-way obstacle detection system
  • maximum range 10 km
  • integrated module RTK with a positioning accuracy of ± 3 cm
  • 400 battery cycles
  • takeoff in about 45 seconds

Fast charging and quick start

For emergency services that must respond quickly to emergencies, time is of the essence. With advanced image recognition algorithms and real-time positioning (RTK) technology, M3D and M3TD drones can take off from DOCK 2 in as little as 45 seconds. This means that they can be brought out into action in an instant and provide up-to-date data, enabling them to make quick and informed decisions. When the drone lands on the DOCK 2 landing pad, the wireless charging process will allow the battery to charge from 20% to 90% in just 32 minutes, providing power for subsequent operations.

Features of the new DJI M3D and M3TD

After the flight DJI FlightHub 2 creates accurate 3D models based on the collected data, which faithfully represent the area of operations. You can describe, measure and download models. Using precise 3D models, you have the ability to visually edit the flight path from a first-person perspective and view the results of simulated imaging. This will give you intuitive and efficient control, improving the planning and precision of flight routes. Using aI functions, you can crop a specific area in a 3D model, and the drone will automatically compare that area with a restricted area in subsequent automated operations, actively adjusting the camera angle to ensure that the same area is accurately captured during multiple flights. Task Function FlyTo w DJI FlightHub 2 uses these precise 3D models to automatically plan the optimal flight path. Just click the object and the drone will fly to the target through an efficient and safe route. Live flight control via DJI FlightHub 2 or the cloud allows you to control the flight and angle of the gimbal, even if DJI Dock 2 is installed far away, using the keyboard and mouse. When performing automatic flight tasks, the drone uses omnidirectional obstacle detection and automatic obstacle avoidance functions to increase the efficiency of flight tasks.


Comparison DJI Matrice 3D and Matrice 3TD

Dron DJI Matrice 3D
Drone DJI Matrice 3D
Dron DJI Matrice 3TD
Drone DJI Matrice 3TD
Equipped with a 20 MP, 24 mm wide-angle camera with 4/3 CMOS sensor and mechanical shutter, and a 12 MP, 162 mm telephoto camera with 1/2 CMOS sensor. The drone will be ideal for precision mapping flights for inspection purposes, environmental surveys or measurements related to construction work. With a shutter speed of 0.7s, it is perfect for precision models.

Equipped with a wide-angle camera, a telephoto lens and a thermal imaging camera, the M3TD can display both visible light and thermal imaging images. This makes it an ideal tool for precision tasks such as mapping, surveying, and safety and inspection operations, which can even take place under nighttime conditions. Matrice 3TD is perfect for police, rescue and area patrol applications. It is an ideal tool for autonomous operations of public security services.

The Matrice 3TD features the same tele camera as the Matrice 3D, but differs in the wide-angle camera (1/1.32-inch CMOS, 24mm equivalent, with 48 MP effective pixels). It also includes an additional thermal imaging camera (40mm equivalent, with a resolution of 640x512 in standard mode and 1280x1024 in UHR infrared mode, with 28x digital zoom), which allows observation in visible light as well as infrared light.

Wide angle camera

  • 4/3 CMOS
  • 24mm format equivalent
  • effective pixels 20 MP
  • mechanical shutter

Wide angle camera

  • CMOS 1/1.32 inch
  • 24mm format equivalent
  • effective pixels 48 MP


  • 1/2-inch CMOS
  • 162 mm format equivalent
  • effective pixels 12 MP


  • 1/2-inch CMOS
  • 162 mm format equivalent
  • effective pixels 12 MP

Infrared camera

  • 40 mm format equivalent
  • normal mode: 640 × 512 at 30 frames per second
  • uHR infrared image mode: 1280×1024 at 30 fps./s (When the UHR infrared image function is enabled, the drone automatically turns the UHR infrared image mode on or off depending on the brightness of the ambient light.)
  • 28x digital zoom

Matrice 3D and 3TD compatibility

Using precise 3D models, you have the ability to edit visual flight paths from a first-person perspective, view previews of simulated imaging results, and easily set up and navigate routes with the features of FPV during landmark missions. This makes missions more intuitive and efficient, which is critical to the safety and efficiency of mapping and measurement activities.

Both the M3D and M3TD support external loads through the E-Port Lite, which makes it possible to carry out a variety of missions. Each of the additional payloads can be controlled remotely via FlightHub 2, providing flexibility to adapt to different tasks. The drone's E-Port Lite also allows you to connect a parachute for added safety.

Synchronization between clouds

With FlightHub Sync DJI FlightHub 2, you can easily connect it to the cloud for flexible management of operational data.


Using DJI TerraAPI, you can integrate DJI Terra's advanced mapping capabilities into your own dock management systems. This enables automatic 2D/3D reconstruction and custom image mapping processes.


Frequently Asked Questions DJI Matrice 3D/3TD

What is the difference between DJI Matrice 3D and DJI Matrice 3TD?

DJI Matrice 3D has a tele camera and a wide-angle camera with a mechanical shutter, meeting the needs of precision mapping at 1:500 scale. DJI Equipped with a wide-angle camera, tele camera and infrared camera, the Matrice 3TD can display both visible light and thermal images, making it suitable for security and inspection operations.

What is the difference between the DJI Matrice 3D series and the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise series??

The DJI Matrice 3D series was designed specifically for DJI Dock 2. Compared to the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise series, it offers extended flight time of up to 50 minutes and features a waterproof housing, GNSS/RTK antenna, as well as lens defogging and wireless charging functions.

Can I use the remote control camera to manually control the DJI Matrice 3D series?

After pairing DJI RC Pro Enterprise series and DJI Matrice 3D, you can proceed with manual control.

Can DJI Matrice 3D series be used with other docking stations?

No, Matrice 3D series can only be used with DJI Dock 2.

Does the tele camera on DJI Matrice 3D support mapping without GCPs?

No, while mapping without GCP is supported by the wide angle camera in DJI Matrice 3D.

Are DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise series accessories compatible with DJI Matrice 3D series?

Only DJI RC Pro Enterprise is compatible.

Does the DJI Matrice 3D series support Hyperlapse, ActiveShots and Timelapse?

No, the DJI Matrice 3D series does not support these features.

Does the DJI Matrice 3D series support precision mapping?

DJI Matrice 3D can meet precision mapping requirements at 1:500 scale. If DJI Matrice 3TD is used for mapping, the accuracy of the model cannot meet the requirements of precision mapping, so DJI Matrice 3D is recommended instead.

What precautions should be taken when using an infrared camera DJI Matrice 3TD?

Do not expose the camera lens to strong energy sources such as the sun, lava or laser beams. Otherwise, the camera sensor may burn out, leading to permanent damage.

Can I use DJI Matrice 3D series in different countries or regions?

Not. Please contact your dealer to confirm relevant countries and regions before purchase.

Does the DJI Matrice 3D series support third-party devices?

Equipped with E-Port, the drone supports connection to third-party devices such as speakers and headlights for more functions. What's more, the drone's E-Port Lite supports parachute connection, effectively ensuring safe flight.

Speakers, reflectors, parachutes and other third-party loads are sold separately.

Why DJI Matrice 3D series propellers rotate slowly before takeoff?

Before takeoff, the DJI Matrice 3D series will slowly rotate the propellers for a few seconds. During this process, the drone will check the integrity of the propellers through the lens. If damage greater than 10 mm appears on the propellers, the launch will be suspended to ensure safe flight.

Why do I hear a sound coming from the frame arms when I shake DJI Matrice 3D?

The DJI Matrice 3D series has particle dampers installed in the LED covers at the end of the frame arms to dampen frame arm vibration, ensuring reliable, long-lasting flight in a variety of environments. Vibration dampers make sound when shaken.



New drones DJI Matrice 3D and Matrice 3TD along with Dock 2 are an innovative step forward. Provide the advanced features and reliability needed for autonomous operations. Their application, speed of operation and high safety standard make them very good tools for industries requiring precision and reliability.

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