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DJI Mini 4K - New drone with 4K camera

DJI Mini 4K - New drone with 4K camera

Rumors have been circulating online for a few days about the arrival of a new drone model - DJI Mini 4K from the largest electronics manufacturer. The speculation turned out to be true - today (April 29, 2024) DJI officially announced the launch of its latest model, DJI Mini 4K. We explain what the parameters of the new drone are and whether it is available in Poland, because for many drone users 4K camera is an absolute must.

Specifications of the drone DJI Mini 4K

DJI Mini 4K offers in fact the same technical parameters as DJI Mini 2:

  • 4K camera: DJI Mini 4K allows you to record videos in 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) at 30 frames per second. This guarantees sharp and detailed images.
  • Weight less than 249 grams: The drone's low weight (less than 250 grams) makes it easy to use, as it is not subject to many regulations in most countries.
  • Range up to 6 km: Provides freedom of flight and allows you to explore vast areas without losing connection with the drone.
  • 31-minute flight time: Capacious battery provides long flight time for longer recording and more ambitious shots.
  • Familiar and well-liked features: DJI Mini 4K inherits the best features of its predecessor, DJI Mini 2. You can count on high wind resistance, automatic return to takeoff, and intuitive QuickShots flight modes.

Lack of availability in Poland

Official distribution of DJI Mini 4K in Poland is not planned. For the moment, this drone can only be purchased in the US market. Actually, all is not lost, because there is still available in Poland a model with identical parameters, but just a different name - DJI Mini 2.

Alternatives to DJI Mini 4K

The alternative to the new drone is primarily DJI Mini 2, which has the same performance and flight features. The only difference is that the drone DJI Mini 2 can only be bought in a combo kit ie, immediately with 3 batteries and everything you need to fly in the price pLN 3,099.

In addition, there is DJI Mini 2 SE, which offers 2.7K resolution recording. That's still high quality video, and the price of the drone in the combo kit is £ 2019.

For those looking for value for money, the ideal choice will be DJI Mini 3. This model offers 4K recording and has a number of advanced features that more demanding users will appreciate. The price for the combo set, or 3 batteries, is pLN 3999.


DJI Mini 4K is a drone with impressive capabilities for such a light weight. The drone is not and probably will not be available in Poland. Nevertheless, there are other models on the market DJI, which will also meet the expectations of lovers of flying and filming from a drone.

Marcjanna Hubert
Chief editor of the Megadron blog, professionally involved with drones for 5 years. Student of New Media in Communication. Passionate about graphic design and travel, fascinated by the magic of storytelling through video. Creates a bridge between Megadron and customers by adding social media content: Instagram i Facebook.
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