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Over the past few years, drones have gained tremendous popularity, not only as accessories for entertainment, but also as professional equipment to help in the daily work of filmmakers, photographers, surveyors or archaeologists. The number of industries using this type of equipment is growing rapidly-what was once reserved exclusively for the military and other services is now becoming an everyday work tool. Have you wondered where else drones find use? Certainly the first association is not agriculture...

Agriculture is one of the branches of the economy that is developing extremely rapidly in terms of implementing new technological solutions. The use of satellite imagery is already commonplace in crop planning. Modern irrigation systems make sure that crop fields have a constant level of moisture. Nowadays, you can see an increasing use of drones in agriculture- they are used in many aspects of crop cultivation, cattle breeding and field monitoring.

Crop condition monitoring

The first of the activities in which drones are used in agriculture is monitoring fields, seeing to the condition of crops. Thanks to the cameras installed on the drones, the farmer does not have to deal with it personally. He can, of course, control the drone himself or, thanks to specialized software, the equipment will collect the necessary data without involving a human being in the whole process. This feature is especially useful for multi-hectare crops- by using aircraft, you can save on costs associated with operating other agricultural equipment. This also works perfectly in case of emergencies- random natural events such as fires, crop flooding, and helps with issues related to the division of land parcels.

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Streamlining the documentation collection process

Unfortunately, agriculture is an industry that is highly dependent on weather and other random factors. If crops have been damaged, such as by heavy rains or hail, a drone can be used to take photos of the vast area to help in the process of obtaining financial assistance from the state or insurance company. In addition, if a farmer employs a lot of people working on crops, he can control the productivity of their work through the use of a drone - this will help in reliable accounting for employees.
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Spraying and repelling animals

With the development of agricultural drones manufacturers focused on expanding energy cells. This allows these machines to stay in the air longer and longer. This enables efficient use of drones for spraying fields. However, due to their small size, they are recommended for spraying that needs to be carried out only on a dedicated part of the field-this is where the drone's precision will find the best use. The best example of this is DJI Agras. An additional advantage is that such equipment regularly hovering over the field can contribute to deterring wild animals that would like to feed on crops.

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As you can see, drones in agriculture are no longer just the song of tomorrow-that's a fact. The future of unmanned aerial vehicles in the industry looks bright. Consistently declining prices for such devices may mean that soon no one in the Polish countryside will be surprised by the sound of drone propellers, and crops will be monitored by dedicated specialized products.

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