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Drone simulator - the best apps for learning to fly

Drone simulator - the best apps for learning to fly

DJI Virtual Flight drone

How to learn to fly a drone? Thanks to the simulators, this can be done without the risk of damaging devices. Games and applications of this type are available in both computer and console or smartphone versions. Check out our review of the best simulators to get used to the controls and prepare to fly in a safe environment.

Drone simulator - free training for future aviation enthusiasts

DJI Virtual Flight

A starting point for learning to fly can be a free drone simulator. Such a solution is offered by DJI - The undisputed market leader in recreational drones. We are talking about the application DJI Virtual Flight, which can be downloaded completely free of charge. This gives everyone the opportunity to learn about flight technology without any additional purchases. The app is available for both Android and iOS - in addition, the drone simulator can also be downloaded in a PC version. To use all the functions, you will need a suitable controller along with special goggles for FPV flight. For details on compatibility, visit DJI, as well as the application description.

FPV Simulator. Try your hand at racing drone simulator

Liftoff FPV Drone Racing Console

FPV flying is a source of almost unlimited fun, but in order to perform it safely, it is necessary to adequate preparation. First live flights often end in collisions or damage - so it's best to start with a simulator. An FPV drone simulator for PC may be an interesting option: here are three of the most popular proposals of this type.

Liftoff: FPV Drone Racing - a computer FPV simulator already under development since 2015, which stands out for its realistic controls, a large number of available maps and an active community. Players can perform flights in different locations, receiving points for particularly challenging maneuvers. The game offers control with mouse and keyboard, pad or with dedicated drone controllers. The price on the Steam platform is currently £71.99.

VelociDrone FPV Racing Simulator - racing simulator with multiplayer and offline modes. The game offers a sizable number of maps created by other players, as well as compatibility with various controllers. VelociDrone's FPV simulator is available as a free download, but access to all content is only available with a license available for purchase at.

Uncrashed: FPV Drone Simulator - Another interesting FPV racing simulator that combines competition with realism. Also here you will find a multiplayer mode along with a large number of maps. An interesting solution is extensive drone settings, which allow, for example, to map the parameters of your own device in the game. The price on the Steam platform is currently 53.99 PLN.

*Price as of June 2024, prices subject to change. To check current prices, check the links above.

FPV drone simulator for PC - even more fun with a controller

Symulator drona FPV na PC kontroler

Standard control mode in most drone simulators is based on the use of keyboard and mouse. Such a configuration will be sufficient if it is simply for entertainment in front of the screen - to really learn to fly, however, it is worth investing in a controller. For applications from drone manufacturers (such as DJI Virtual Flight), the best option will be controllers designed for the model of drone you ultimately want to fly. For games and simulators from other vendors, however, versatile offerings such as:

  • controller FlySky FS-i6x - A classic proposition on the controller market, a model powered by AA batteries, with great value for money;
  • RadioMaster TX12 MKII - a programmable controller with extensive functionality that supports the ELRS protocol, which allows easy connection to most simulators;
  • RadioMaster Boxer ExpressLRS - A precise and durable model with special sensors that further enhance its durability;
  • RadioMaster TX16S MKII HALL - A top-of-the-line controller with a touchscreen and a huge variety of options.

Drone simulator for Xbox and PS4 - try flying a drone on a console

Liftoff FPV Drone Racing

Drone flying simulators are also available as games for the most popular consoles. Fans of hardware from Sony can bet on Drone Racing League Simulator - this is the most popular PS4 drone simulator, providing a ton of fun with friends. Wanting to choose an interesting Xbox drone simulator, we recommend the following Liftoff: Drone Racing - console version of the already mentioned Liftoff simulator. Have fun flying!

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