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Drone registration. How and where to do it?

Drone registration. How and where to do it?

To fly a drone in accordance with current regulations, in most cases you will need to register your drone. This is required especially when the equipment is equipped with a camera. How to register a drone and where to do it?

How to register a drone? Simple steps for novice users

Krajowy System Informacji Dronowej

To begin with, it is worth noting that drone registration is actually operator registration. The pilot of the device must enroll in the Civil Aviation Authority database and pass the required exams, available as online courses. Does a drone need to be registered? The device itself usually does not have to be reported. The exception is when there is a risk of surgery. Then the Civil Aviation Authority requires registration and the corresponding certificate for the device, however, such a requirement does not apply to flights in the open category, the provisions of which are adapted to recreational flying.

Registering a drone, or in fact an operator, requires going through a few simple steps. To start the process, you need to use the KSID portal (National Drone Information System), available from April 2024. under this link. The registration of a drone in Poland first requires contact information (email address and phone number), which is needed to receive a confirmation. After clicking on the activation link in the email message, you need to enter your personal information, confirmed by a link from the SMS message. That's pretty much it - once you register, you can go to your profile or take an online training course to get your A1/A3 certificate. Registering as an operator allows you to get your own unique operator number, which you should stick on all your devices. Importantly, the number is the same on every drone.

In addition, it may be a good idea to registration of the drone in the manufacturer's system, although it is not required by the regulations. In this way, you can access additional information and functionality of the application, such as improvements related to transferring photos. An example of such a procedure is the registration of a drone DJI - an account can be created through the website or through the app, and then the devices you own can be connected to it.

Where to register your drone?

Krajowy System Informacji Dronowej Konto

In addition to the registration process itself, it is also useful to know where to register your drone. Currently the whole thing is done through a dedicated KSID portal, which also contains detailed information on applicable laws and regulations. KSID functionality also includes the ability to report flights, a record of previous exam attempts, an option to contact ULC representatives and a number of other useful options.

Importantly, people who have an account on a previously used portal also have to register with KSID. The National Drone Information System allows you to import data, making the whole process fast and efficient. To take advantage of this solution, all you need to do is create an account using the same email as the previous version of the service. Previous ULC drone registration will be automatically transferred along with all information on certifications, exams and authorizations.

In addition, after creating an account with KSID, you can add the devices you own to your profile. As a result, the full functionality of the service will be available - in addition, some solutions will be easier to use, such as reporting flights in locations that require authorization. To add a drone, just log in to your account and find the option "Add BSP" or "Add first BSP". After clicking this button, a special form with information about the drone will be displayed on the screen, adapted to the current EASA requirements.

Drone registration in Poland. Regulations and requirements

Registration as an operator is required primarily when the weight of the drone you own exceeds 250 g or the device is equipped with a camera. These are the parameters that apply to most recreational flights. Thus, only toy drones with basic functionality (without the option to take pictures) are in practice exempted from the registration requirement, as their weight is usually less than 250 g. In any other case register as an operator and comply with flight restriction regulations.

Importantly, after registration, you also need to stick a sticker with the operator number on the drone, which contains the designation "POL" along with an identifier with random numbers and letters. In doing so, it is important to remember that operator number is something different from the pilot number, which in turn serves as the document number of the operator with the authority to perform the various operations. Nothing prevents you from sticking this number as well - however, the requirement itself only applies to the operator number. The simplest solution would be to print out the number and stick it with tape, but you can also bet on it instead laminated label, which will be more durable.

Does a drone need to be registered? Explanation of regulations and potential consequences

Krajowy System Informacji Dronowej Dron Tower

In the event of a possible inspection, confirm that the operator is registered in the ULC database and has the appropriate authorizations. On the KSID website you can download all certificates and exam confirmations, as well as check your status. You don't need to carry printed documents with you - files saved on your phone are completely sufficient. Certificates are marked with QR codes that direct to detailed information on the pilot's credentials. It's also worth equipping yourself with the app DroneTower, which allows you to report flights.

What's the penalty for not registering? It should be borne in mind that aviation laws are in this case quite restrictive. Flying in an unauthorized area, flying without an operator number sticker or not having a license specific to your model usually means a fine of from 350 to 15,000 zlotys. Therefore, it is definitely worth it to ensure that you are properly registered on the KSID portal and meet all the requirements - it takes only a few moments to sign up as an operator, and all exams and tests for the open category are available for free.

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