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DJI Mini 3 premiere. Prices and specifications of the new DJI drone


Premiere drone DJI Mini 3 Pro already caused quite a stir online a few weeks before! It was originally scheduled for the end of April (or at least that's what unofficial sources announceddła), however, Mayówka was a time for drones to wait for specific information. In our opinion, it was worth waiting a little longer. DJI has added the term "Pro" to the name of the new drone, and it's not hard to get the impression that the DJI Mini 3 Pro is a combination of drone sizeóin the Mini series with the performance of dronesin Pro classes. Prices and specifications of the new DJI drone are finally officially confirmed, so let's see if this impression is justified.

DJI Mini 3 Pro - drone specifications

Due to regulations on the rules of flying a drone, the manufacturer DJI in earlier versions of the Mini series did everything to ensure that the weight of the drone does not exceed 250 gramsów. The first two designs were a great success, even though achieving such a low weight came with some limitations. DJI Mini i Mini 2 have been equipped with just two sensors located on the bottom of the drone. The same is true of the Mini SE, whichry was the last, before the Mini 3 Pro, drone of the series. Its launch took place almost a year ago, and as we all know - technology is still rushing forwardód and this time the manufacturer has also made quite a few improvements.

Obstruction detection sensorsd

DJI's new drone, oprócz sensoróin the lower, które we find in the predecessorów, has two pairs of sensorsówith front. One is the classic front sensors, and behind them, in tabs, the manufacturer has placed two rear sensors. This gives the drone an original look, whichóry can be controversial. It's the first Mini series drone with 3-way obstacle detection systemd. Oprócz this drone also supports an advanced system Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems (APAS 4.0). This allows the Mini 3 Pro to detect objects along the flight path even in very complex environments.

Sensors stop the drone from obstacles, such as trees or a wall, so this model will definitely appeal especially to novice users.

Improved design

Oprócz design change determined by new sensors, the Mini 3 Pro has a revised, more aerodynamic shape, and the dedicated propellers for this model are larger. However, these are not the only novelties in terms of design.

Another novelty is new gimbal, whichry rotates within a range of 90°, thereby contractenabling vertical recording without loss of quality, which facilitates the mode True Vertical Shooting. In the era of Instagram i TikToka such an option is sure to make waves.

DJI Mini 3 Pro camera

Now that we're on the gimbal, it's time to look at the essentials - the camera built into it. The camera of the new DJI drone has a sensor as large as 1/1.3'' CMOS with 48 MP resolution. This is an impressive result, whichry outclasses heavier Air 2 with 1/2'' CMOS 48 MP camera sensor. The camera records video in 4K at 60 fps./s, which guarantees films at a really high level.

Oprócz of this, this mini drone has an aperture f/1.7. As a reminder, the aperture in Air 2 i Air 2S offers an aperture of f/2.8. This means that the Mini 3 Pro camera will record footage with a shallower depth of field - the foreground or mainthe main subject in the frame is in focus and the background is out of focus. Porówn to the Air 2 with a smaller sensor, your content will have even more stunning colors even in low-light conditions.

In addition, the drone is equipped with a mode D-Cinelike Color, który increases the possibilities when editing materialów, HDR and Dual Native ISO, whichry extracts more information from the sensor without compromising image quality. Also available 4x digital zoom.

Flight time and range

Manufacturer declares Mini 3 flight time up to 34 minutes. Declared range in FCC mode is respectively 1.5-3km with strong interference in urban conditions, approx. 3-7 km in suburban areas with medium interference and 7-12 km with low interference outside the city or by the sea. As for translating this into Polish conditions and CE mode, the issue needs to be verified in practice how the numbers relate to reality.

Control apparatus

Another new feature of the Mini 3 is the controller. Here you have two options to choose from. The first of these is DJI RC-N1, already known from models Mini 2, Air 2 and Air 2S. The second solution is DJI RC, który looks like a hybrid of this classic remote control with the DJI RC Pro. Built-in display will give you even more convenience with up to 4 hours of run time.

DJI Mini 3 Pro Fly More Kit or essential accessories

We can buy the drone in a version with a basic controller DJI RC-N1 or with a controller with a display DJI RC. The manufacturer does not differentiatehe has identified eachólnych options for combo sets, which seems to be the right move. All necessary accessories you will buy in the set Fly More Kit - as was the case with the Mavic 2 series.

Of course, in the Fly More Kit you will find two extra batteries, a two-way charging hub and two extra pairs of propellers. DJI is also once again adding a set of filters to the expanded versionin ND - as it has been in models since the Mavic Air 2. An interesting solution is wide angle lens, whichry increases the drone's field of view 75° up to 100°, which will make your materials even more impressiveów. As always, you will pack the whole thing into a convenient shoulder bag.

Mini 3 - price and availability

The manufacturer has accustomed us to affordable, for amateur use, prices for Mini series drones. Looking at the capabilities of the new DJI Mini 3 Pro drone, there is no mistaking that it will remain so. Certainly, the current global situation and the state of the world economy are not conducive to this either. For the version dJI Mini 3 Pro DJI RC-N1 drone pay 4099 zł, and for the option with a built-in display on the camera DJI Mini 3 Pro DJI RC - 5099 zł. The Fly More Kit costs pLN 899. The drone goes on official sale in Poland on May 17, so soon the first users will be able to verify how the drone's specifications translate into reality.

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