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DJI Care Refresh 2.0 - new insurance rules

DJI Care Refresh 2.0 - new insurance rules

On July 13, 2023, the DJI Care Refresh protection plans were updated and the rules in them changed significantly. Care Refresh has always been profitable, but in the current situation, it is proving to be even more user-friendly . More exchange services, lower exchange fees, longer coverage period, and changes to renewal handling. Many attractive changes have appeared with the new DJI Care Refresh 2.0. Everything you need to know about Care you will learn in this article, in addition, we will present what Care Refresh actually is, what are its possibilities and how to use it.

DJI Care Refresh 2.0 - insurance

Latest changes to DJI Care Refresh 2.0

Additional exchange

The number of replacements offered by DJI Care Refresh (2-year plan) has been increased from three to four times . Additionally, DJI Care Refresh+ has been discontinued. To renew the service, you can purchase DJI Care Refresh (annual plan), with the number of replacements increased from once to twice a year .


Reduced exchange price

In the current situation, the replacement fee for defective devices may be significantly less for some products. With additional exchanges, the price does not increase as it has been so far, it is a very favorable change . The fixed price saves even more money on insurance.


Protection for longer

From the update, you can renew DJI Care Refresh for a third year . If you have already purchased two-year coverage for your device, you can renew the service by purchasing DJI Care Refresh (annual plan) during the coverage period or up to 15 days after the coverage expires .


Official warranty during the period of validity

DJI Care Refresh official provides support for the life of your device. Previously, support had only been available for 2 years.


Changes for existing users

You can use all enhanced DJI Care Refresh services for insurances purchased previously, even for the discontinued DJI Care Refresh+ plan.


DJI Care Refresh 2.0 vs DJI Care Refresh - comparison

For a better look at the changes made, see how it looks like on the example of DJI Mavic 3 Pro Cine, for DJI Care Refresh (annual plan) and DJI Care Refresh (2-year plan):

DJI Care Refresh Insurance (Annual Plan)
  New Plan Old Plan
Number of exchanges 2 2
First exchange $239 $239
Second exchange $239 (saving $60) $299

1. Saves $ 60 on the example shown.
2. Allows you to renew with two purchases of the 1-year plan, extending the coverage period up to 3 years .


DJI Care Refresh Insurance (2-Year Plan)
  New Plan Old Plan
Number of exchanges 4 (additional one exchange) 3
First exchange $239 $239
Second exchange $239 (saving $60) $299
Third exchange $239 (saving $110) $349
Fourth exchange $239 -

1. Saves $170 on exchange fees in the example shown.
2. Allows you to renew once with the purchase of a 1-year plan, extending the coverage period up to 3 years .


  New Plan Resumption - DJI Care Refresh Discontinued Old Plan - DJI Care Refresh+
Number of exchanges 2 ( additional one exchange ) 1
First exchange $239 $349
Second exchange $239 -

1. Saves $110 on exchange fees.
2. After discontinuing DJI Care Refresh+, you can renew by repurchasing DJI Care Refresh (Annual Plan).
3. Users who have already purchased DJI Care Refresh+ and are within the validity period can enjoy a lower replacement fee with no increase for more replacements.


DJI Care Refresh New Changes


What is and how to use DJI Care Refresh

DJI Care Refresh is an additional paid protection for DJI devices, which provides the possibility of replacing damaged equipment within a certain period of time. This includes, but is not limited to, damage caused by a collision or contact of the drone with water. In this case, the damaged device is replaced with a new one or equivalent to a new product. The package is activated once up to 48 hours from the activation (first launch) of the drone. It is possible to activate later, but verification is needed, which consists in sending the video to DJI. For more information, see our Care Activation After 48 Hours article .

Activating DJI Care Refresh

1. The first step is to activate the code on the DJI website .

2. Then, during activation, provide the Care Refresh code, device serial number (located on the product) and personal data of the person activating the package (name and surname, e-mail address).

3. The service will be activated automatically and assigned to the appropriate region automatically. Finally, you will receive a confirmation email with DJI Care Refresh activation.


In the event of an accident

What to do in the event of an accident is very simple. You should report a failure and send the damaged equipment to the DJI warranty service, remembering about the annotation informing about the use of DJI Care Refresh. After receiving the repair quote, you will be able to decide whether you decide to do it or prefer to use the Service Service including replacement. When choosing the second option, you just need to settle the applicable fee and the new device will be delivered priority. If your region coincides with the region where DJI Care Refresh was purchased, the manufacturer also covers the shipping costs.

1. You report a fault and send the drone to DJI service with a note that you have DJI Care Refresh.

2. You get a repair quote, then on this basis you decide whether you want to make a repair / replacement for a fee or through DJI Care Refresh.

3. After selecting DJI Care Refresh, you pay the replacement fee and receive a new part or copy.

4. The product is priority delivered to you via free shipping.


Cases covered by DJI Care Refresh

By choosing to purchase DJI Care Refresh, you will protect your drone from situations such as falling, submersion, collision or even failure due to signal interference. Care Refresh also guarantees support in cases where an accident results from incorrect use by the operator.

  • user error
  • signal interference
  • collision
  • drowning (the condition for using the protection is to deliver the wreck of the drone to the manufacturer's service center)
  • fall


Which cases DJI Care Refresh does not cover

1) Lost or partially lost drone, gimbal or accessories.

2) Theft or abandonment of the product.

3) Damage resulting from flight in inappropriate weather conditions.

4) Transmitter and additional accessories.

5) Intentional loss of the drone.

6) Damage to the housing that does not affect the functionality of the device .

7) Direct or indirect damage resulting from force majeure.

8) Defects occurring after the DJI Care Refresh validity period has expired.

9) Additional fees related to improving the model and improving its performance.

10) Defects resulting from improper modifications that are not in accordance with the user's instructions or the use of incompatible batteries and chargers.

11) Damage resulting from the use of unauthorized accessories, batteries or software.

DJI Care Refresh

DJI Care Refresh FAQ - frequently asked questions

1. What is DJI Care Refresh?

DJI Care Refresh is a protection package that guarantees full safety for DJI equipment, providing protection against unintentional damage and wear, even including damage caused by contact with water.


2. What is the DJI Care Refresh policy?

The option to extend the plan up to the third year is subject to two key conditions that are worth bearing in mind when making a purchase:

  First year Second year Third year
First rule Annual plan Annual plan Annual plan
Second rule 2-year plan Annual plan

* DJI Care Refresh+ users can extend their service plan for another year by purchasing DJI Care Refresh (Annual Plan).


3. Can I subscribe for three years right away?

Yes, by purchasing both DJI Care Refresh (2-Year Plan) and DJI Care Refresh (1-Year Plan). First, link DJI Care Refresh (2-Year Plan) to your product.


4. Can I renew my plan by purchasing DJI Care Refresh (2-year plan)?

No, currently you can only renew your new plan every year by purchasing DJI Care Refresh (Annual Plan).


5. Can I still use DJI Care Refresh+ normally?

If you have already activated and linked DJI Care Refresh+ before completing the purchase process, normal use will not be affected.


6. What should I do if DJI Care Refresh/ DJI Care Refresh+ cannot be linked to my product?

Contact DJI Support .


7. Will DJI Care Refresh for mobile be updated as well?

Yes, the update includes DJI Care Refresh for drones and mobile devices.


8. Will the new DJI Care Refresh increase the possibility of exchanging for flyaway?

No, the annual DJI Care Refresh plan allows for two product replacements, including one related to the flight. In turn, by choosing the DJI Care Refresh 2-year plan, you have access to four exchanges, including two for the flight.



DJI Care Refresh 2.0 is a groundbreaking update that brings huge improvements. The new version of the protection plan offers more exchange options and lower service fees, which translates into even greater value for money. In addition, you can enjoy a longer period of protection because DJI Care Refresh can be renewed for up to a third year.

The insurance is officially supported from the first day of coverage. This means that you can be sure of full manufacturer support at every stage of using the device. Significant changes also include a new approach to renewals . If you already have two years of protection, you can renew it by purchasing DJI Care Refresh (1 Year Plan), giving you the option to continue your protection even after two years.

The new changes make it easier and more affordable to protect drones and cameras. With increased trade volumes, reduced trade-in fees, extended coverage and day one support, you can feel much more secure.

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