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Matrice 350 RTK Drone + Enterprise Shield (2 Years)
Matrice 350 RTK Drone + Enterprise Shield (2 Years)
Matrice 350 RTK Drone + Enterprise Shield (2 Years)
Matrice 350 RTK Drone + Enterprise Shield (2 Years)
Matrice 350 RTK Drone + Enterprise Shield (2 Years)
Matrice 350 RTK Drone + Enterprise Shield (2 Years)

Matrice 350 RTK Drone + Enterprise Shield (2 Years)


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Matrice 350 RTK Drone + Enterprise Shield (2 Years)
10 729,43 €

Matrice 350 RTK Drone

The modernized flagship DJI Matrice 350 RTK sets new standards in industrial drones. Offering an all-new video transmission and control system, a more efficient battery system and even more comprehensive safety features, as well as high payload and expandability.

High efficiency and flight efficiency

The Matrice 350 RTK's rugged design features an efficient propulsion system , increased IP rating, and excellent flight performance to handle a variety of challenges with ease.

Transmission stability thanks to the new communication system

The Matrice 350 RTK uses DJI's O3 Enterprise Transmission technology, which supports three-channel 1080p HD live streaming with a maximum transmission range of 20 km . Both the drone and remote control apparatus have a four-antenna transceiver system that intelligently assigns two optimal antennas to transmit signals while four antennas receive signals simultaneously. In this way, the anti-interference capability is greatly improved and the transmission stability is optimized.

New control possibilities

Equipped with a 7-inch high-brightness screen , the DJI RC Plus supports Dual Operator Mode and comes with a WB37 external battery that provides up to six hours of run time to meet various operating needs.

Created to work in difficult conditions

With an IP54 rating, the DJI RC Plus is dustproof and waterproof, so it works reliably in adverse weather conditions. The operating temperature ranges from -20° to 50° C , enabling 24/7 operation even in very hot or cold environments.

Efficient and reliable control

There are several buttons and knobs on the front, back and top of the remote control for quick operation. The functions of the buttons can be adapted to the user's habits, ensuring intuitive and flexible operation.

DJI Pilot 2

The DJI Pilot 2 app has been further optimized to clearly display mission type and flight status. Easy and smooth drone and payload controls for more efficient operation.

Improved power system

The Matrice 350 RTK supports the new TB65 battery type, which allows hot-swappable batteries. The battery provides up to 400 charge and discharge cycles , reducing the cost of a single flight.

Next-generation smart charging station

The new BS65 charging station is a comprehensive solution for charging, storing and transporting batteries. In Storage mode, the battery will charge or discharge to 50%, which is good for long-term storage. In flight standby mode, you can quickly charge several battery packs up to 90% to start working at any time and extend battery life. When the charging station is connected to the DJI RC Plus remote controller, the DJI Pilot 2 app will display the battery charge level and battery information. In addition, you can set the number of days of self-discharge, update the firmware, export logs and access functions with just a touch of your finger.

Increased security

The Matrice 350 RTK is equipped with a new arm lock detection feature to avoid the risk of arms folding during flight.

FPV camera with night mode

With excellent night vision capabilities, the FPV camera can clearly present the surroundings and obstacles when flying at night. Works in conjunction with the PinPoint feature to provide better orientation.

6-way sensing and positioning

The Matrice 350 RTK was equipped with a six-way binocular vision system and an infrared sensing system , providing six-way obstacle sensing and positioning capability for all-round in-flight protection.

CSM radar

With the optional CSM radar installed, the Matrice 350 RTK can detect small obstacles such as power lines and avoid them in time. The effective detection range is up to 30 m , which further improves flight safety.

Multilayer redundancy technology

Both the drone and the Matrice 350 RTK sensor system are redundantly designed to maximize flight safety, allowing you to more confidently handle challenging operating conditions.

Advanced payloads

The Matrice 350 RTK is compatible with the Matrice 300 RTK payloads and, like its predecessor, it allows the use of a single pointing gimbal installed at the bottom, a dual gimbal at the bottom and a single gimbal installed at the top, and features an open E-Port interface . With a maximum payload of 2.7 kg , the drone can carry up to three payloads simultaneously, meeting the needs of various operational scenarios such as public safety, inspection and mapping.

High precision mapping

Matrice 350 RTK supports Waypoint, Mapping, Oblique and Linear Flight missions. The user can use Terrain Follow or Smart Oblique for efficient data collection. In conjunction with the DJI Terra app, you can quickly obtain 2D and 3D digital results, allowing for precise and efficient mapping of the terrain.

Air-ground coordination

With features such as high precision PinPoint and real-time cloud mapping, the Matrice 350 RTK can provide air, ground, and cloud connectivity. After the drone has finished collecting images, DJI FlightHub 2 can quickly model the operation site and send command information to the drone and ground operators. Both the ara remote control and the FlightHub 2 platform support point, line and surface plotting and real-time data transfer, and can work with the drone to broadcast a real-time view of the operation, overcoming communication barriers in air-ground cooperation.

Automated and precise inspections

Thanks to the Live Mission Recording function, the Matrice 350 RTK can generate and store flight path files that can be used at any time for automated operation and make repeated inspections no longer time-consuming or laborious. When using AI Spot-Check, the Matrice 350 RTK supports automatic cropping and manual area editing to improve the accuracy of repeated shots and the quality of inspection operations.

Kit Contents:

  • Matrice 350 RTK drone
  • 2 years DJI Care Enterprise (auto-activation)
  • DJI RC Plus control apparatus
  • usb charger
  • USB-C cable
  • WB37 battery
  • 1x pair of 2110s propellers
  • 2x chassis leg
  • 4x spare gimbal vibration isolators
  • USB-to-USB cable
  • transport suitcase on 4 wheels
  • port cover kit
  • set of screws and wrenches

Important information:

1). All drones come with a 2-year DJI Care Enterprise Basic plan.

2). Batteries and power stations are not included with the drone. You must purchase them separately.

3). The TB60/TB65 batteries and BS60/BS65 power stations are compatible with both the newer and older Matrice RTK versions. Only a software update is required.

Dimensions Unfolded, without propellers, 810x670x430 mm (Length x Width x Height)
Folded, with propellers, 430x420x430 mm (Length x Width x Height)
Diagonal 895mm
Weight (with one gimbal on the bottom) Approx. 3.77 kg (without batteries)
Approx. 6.47 kg (with two TB65 batteries)
Maximum load capacity of a single vibration isolator 960g
Maximum take-off weight 9.2 kg
Operating frequency 2.4000-2.4835GHz
CE: 5.170-5.250GHz
Signal Strength (EIRP) 2.4000-2.4835GHz:

< 20dBm (CE/SRRC/MIC)

5.150-5.250 GHz (CE: 5.170-5.250 GHz): < 23 dBm (CE) 5.725-5.850 GHz: < 14 dBm (CE)
Hover accuracy (P-mode with GPS) Perpendicularly:
±0.1 m (With vision system)
±0.5m (GPS on)
±0.1 m (RTK on)
±0.3 m (With vision system)
±1.5m (GPS on)
±0.1 m (RTK on)
RTK positioning accuracy With RTK signal enabled and established
1cm+1ppm (horizontal)
1.5cm + 1ppm (vertical)
Maximum angular velocity pitch axis: 300°/s,
Yaw axis: 100°/sec
Maximum angle of inclination 30° (N-Mode, Forward Vision On: 25°)
Maximum rate of climb 6 m/s
Maximum rate of descent (vertical) 5 m/s
Maximum rate of descent (in bank) 7 m/s
Max speed 23 m/s
Maximum ceiling (m above sea level) 5000 m (with 2110s propellers, take-off weight ≤ 7.4kg)
7000 m (with 2112 propellers, take-off weight ≤ 7.2 kg)
Wind resistance 12 m/s
Maximum flight time 55 minutes (Measured with Matrice 350 RTK flying at approximately 8 m/s without payload in still air until battery level reached 0. Data for reference only. Actual usage time may vary depending on flight mode, accessories and environment. Please pay attention to in-app reminders)
Supported DJI cameras Zenmuse H20, Zenmuse H20T, Zenmuse H20N, Zenmuse P1, Zenmuse L1
Supported gimbal configurations Single Gimbal Bottom, Dual Gimbal Bottom, Single Gimbal Top + Single Gimbal Top
Level of security IP55
GNSS GPS + GLONASS + BeiDou + Galileo
working temperature -20°C to 50°C
Screen 7.02 inch LCD touch screen;
resolution: 1920×1200;
maximum brightness: 1200 nits
Mass Approx. 1.25 kg (without WB37 battery)
Approx. 1.42 kg (with WB37 battery)
GNSS GPS + Galileo + BeiDou
Built-in battery Type: Li-ion (6500mAh@7.2V)
Charging type: Use a BS65 charging station or USB-C fast charger with a maximum power of 65W (20V maximum voltage)
Charging time: 2 hours
Chemical system: LiNiCoAlO2
WB37 external battery Capacity: 4920mAh
Voltage: 7.6V
Type: Li-ion
Energy: 37.39Wh
Chemical system: LiCoO2
Level of security IP54
Working time Built-in rechargeable battery: about 3.3 hours
Built-in battery + external battery: approx. 6 hours
Working temperature -20° to 50°C
operating frequencies 2.4000-2.4835GHz
Signal Strength (EIRP)

< 20dBm (CE/SRRC/MIC)

< 14 dBm (CE)
< 23 dBm (SRRC)

Removable battery Name: WB 37
Capacity: 4920mAh
Voltage: 7.6V
Cell: LiPo
Power: 37.39Wh
Charging time (using BS60 charging station:
70 minutes (15°C to 45°C)
130 minutes (0°C to 15°C)
WiFi protocol WiFi 6
Wi-Fi operating frequency 2.4000-2.4835GHz
Bluetooth protocol Bluetooth 5.1
Bluetooth operating frequency 2.4000-2.4835GHz
Video transmission system DJI O3 Transmission
Antenna 4 antennas for video transmission, 2T4R
Maximum transmission distance (without obstacles and interference) CE/SRRC/MIC: 8km
Maximum transmission distance (with obstacles) Slight disturbances and obstacles in the form of buildings: approx. 0-0.5 km
Slight disturbances and obstacles in the form of trees: approx. 0.5-3 km
Strong interference and no obstacles: urban landscape, approx. 1.5-3 km
Moderate disturbance and no obstacles: suburban landscape, approx. 3-9 km
Little disturbance and no obstacles: suburbs/coast, approx. 9-20 km

Measured in accordance with FCC regulations in an unobstructed environment with typical interference at a flight altitude of approximately 120m. Data is indicative. Actual transmission distance may vary depending on obstacles and interference in the environment. Pay attention to reminders in the app.
Obstacle detection range Forward/backward/left/right: 0.7-40 m
Up/down: 0.6-30m
FOV Forward/Backward/Down: 65° (horizontal), 50° (vertical)
Left/Right/Up: 75° (horizontal), 60° (vertical)
Working conditions Surfaces with clear patterns and adequate lighting (lux > 15)
Obstacle detection range 0.1-8m
Field of View (FOV) 30° (±15°)
Working conditions large, diffusing, reflective surfaces (reflectivity > 10%)
Effective illumination distance 5 m
Lighting type 60 Hz, constant light
Resolution 1080p
Field of View (FOV) 142º
Number of frames per second 30 fps
Name TB65
Capacity 5880mAh
Tension 44.76V
Cell type Li-ion
Energy 263.2Wh
Mass about 1.35 kg
Working temperature -20°C to 50°C
storage temperature 22°C to 33°C
charging temperature -20°C to 40°C (From below 5°C, the Heating function will activate automatically. Charging the battery at low temperatures may affect battery life. Charging between 15° and 35° C is recommended)
Charging time At 220V, it takes approximately 60 minutes for two TB65 Smart Batteries to fully charge, and to charge them from 20% to 90% in approximately 30 minutes.
Dimensions 580×358×254mm
net weight 8.98 kg
Compatibility TB65 battery
WB37 battery
input voltage 220-240VAC, 50-60Hz
Maximum input power 1070W
Output power 210-240V: 992W
Working temperature -20°C to 40°C

Specification Matrice 350 RTK Drone + Enterprise Shield (2 Years)

Producer code
36 months
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