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DJI Osmo Mobile - image stabilizers and cameras

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What are the DJI Osmo gimbals?

The category of handheld gimbals for cameras is a series of products dedicated to recording products. These are various types of image stabilizers that allow you to work with the camera in various, often uncomfortable and unusual conditions. Among the numerous range of products you will find, among others:

These are just some of the products we offer in this category. It is worth taking a look at each type of DJI Osmo Gimbals and choosing the model for yourself.

Who needs gimbals for a phone?

Who needs gimbals? First of all, these are products for amateurs and specialists - people who deal with videography on a daily basis, but also those who do it for their own needs, e.g. for their own YouTube channel. DJI Osmo Mobile gimbals will prove themselves perfectly in the hands of professionals who will have additional recording and image stabilization capabilities, and amateurs who will create a unique video with remarkable stabilization without much trouble. Recordings made with a gimbal are much nicer to watch and the recorded image is sharper.

Experience life on the move with DJI Osmo

Handheld camera gimbals are designed for smaller caliber recording devices. They are quite easy to operate, they are comfortable, pleasant and facilitate a firm grip. This makes image stabilization even easier. For example , the DJI Osmo Pocket 2 is a pocket camera with a three-axis gimbal. Supports 4K image recording. It is handy, small, weighs only 116 g and works up to 140 minutes on one battery. The 'mobile' series is designed for smaller recording devices, including smartphones. However, if you are counting on something a bit bigger, you can turn your attention towards more professional equipment. For example, the DJI Osmo Pro, which is the highest quality, the Zenmuse X5 camera, which is the first micro four thirds mirrorless camera, which was created primarily for aerial cinematography, but has many more possibilities.

Accessories for DJI Osmo gimbals

Within this category - DJI Osmo gimbals - we also present numerous additional accessories . In this case, we can replace not only cases for storing and transporting stabilizing equipment and a number of spare batteries, but also elements that personalize specific models. It's worth taking a look at extenders and modifications to the range of handheld gimbals to easily get a better result with simple tricks. Thanks to its simplicity, but also quality, it is a product that perfectly combines professionalism with passion.

Take a look and stay longer!

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the products in this category and choose the right solution so that you can more easily and comprehensively deal with the stabilization of the image you record.