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The latest transport drone - DJI FlyCart 30

The latest transport drone - DJI FlyCart 30

Latest transport drone DJI FlyCart 30 was created with the idea: Deliver what you need - Where you need it. Designed to transport heavy loads over long distances and equipped with a strong signal and intelligence. FlyCart 30 supports container and rope carriage, transcending traditional logistical constraints to provide a safe, economical and efficient air transportation solution. In this article, you will learn what are the parameters of the new cargo drone, its capabilities and some interesting facts about the new drone.

Heavy loads and long distances

  • Maximum load 30 kg (with two batteries)
  • Maximum load 40 kg (with one battery)
  • Maximum flight range 28 km uncharged (with two batteries)
  • Maximum flight range 16 km fully charged (with two batteries)
  • Maximum flight speed 20 m/s (72 km/h); Cruising speed of 15 m/s (with carbon fiber propellers)*

*Measured in dual battery mode

Provides safety, dynamic transportation and new options for handling various materials. It is used, among other things, in transferring goods from ships in port, for transporting cargo in mountains and hard-to-reach places, moving materials over water or even in a congested city. It will be ideal for transporting medical supplies, emergency operations, energy service and construction sites.

Ciężkie ładunki i długie dystanse FlyCart 30

Convenient configurations

  • Foldable design for convenient transportation
  • Cargo mode: Landing and delivering cargo with a container with a capacity of 70 liters
  • Lifting and delivering loads with falling rope, which can be controlled manually or automatically

Moving goods will certainly be much easier. The DJI FlyCart 30 enables carry cargo in two modes: via a cargo box or using a winch system with a 20m cable, which makes it possible to deliver goods of different sizes. Case holds temperature, detects center of gravity to place goods in such a way as to distribute work to all motors evenly. In an emergency situation, the winch cable can be cut off using thermal cutting technology.

Wygodne konfiguracje FlyCart 30

Fully Automatic Operations

  • DJI Pilot 2 , an application, displays current flight status, cargo status and other interactive interfaces for efficient and safe operation
  • DJI DeliveryHub facilitates effective task scheduling, comprehensive monitoring of operational status, centralized management of team resources, and data collection and analysis
  • Health Management System (Health Management System) displays device status, maintenance information and DJI Care status

The drone has a function similar to cruise control - during flight, you can turn on a booster that will guide the flight automatically. This feature enhances stability and relieves the pilot's stress during long flights. In addition, based on Waypoints, the operator can automatically optimize the flight. Thanks to them, fast real-time route planning and repeating it flawlessly is not a problem.

W pełni automatyczne Operacje FlyCart 30

Safe and reliable

  • Dual vision system
  • Intelligent omni-directional obstacle detection
  • Dual battery

Intelligent omni-directional obstacle detection system includes front and rear phased-array radar, as well as dual binocular vision sensors. As a result, it provides effective flight speed for obstacle avoidance, with speeds of up to 15 m/s for mountain obstacles. The system enables precise detection of obstacles within a range of 1.5 to 50 meters and AGL altitude stabilization from 1.5 to 200 meters. In addition, the built-in signal receiver ADS-B enables warning of nearby manned aircraft. Dual battery provides hotswapping (changing batteries without turning off the drone) and safety in case one of the batteries is damaged. You can also work on a single battery with a remote switchover function. Charging time for a single battery approx. 26.5 min, two batteries 36.6 min.

Bezpieczny i niezawodny FlyCart 30

Made for extreme weather conditions

  • Class IP55 provides resistance to corrosion, dust and water
  • Maximum flight ceiling 6000 m on different types of terrain
  • Operating temperature from -20°C to 45°C
  • Maximum resistance to wind speeds of 12 m/s (43.2 km/h) - stability under difficult conditions

DJI FlyCart 30 is ready for use in almost any weather conditions - it will fly even in heavy rain. In addition, if the drone's battery is below -10°C you can warm it up manually or it will do it automatically at about -20°C.

Ekstremalne warunki atmosferyczne FlyCart 30

Stable signal with long range

  • Broadcasting O3 remotely , with strong immunity to interference
  • Mode Dual Operator allows two pilots in different locations to hand over control of the drone with a single click, allowing the drone to fly up to 28 km
  • High-resolution FPV gimball camera

With the help of 4 antenna O3 transmission, the signal is very strong and resistant to interference. A huge advantage is that the co-pilot can take over during the flight, making it much easier and more precise to control the drone with a payload over longer distances. Multiple alternative landing sites can be established for safe landing in case of emergency.

Stabilny sygnał z dużym zasięgiem FlyCart 30

Securing takeoff and landing

  • Launch: detects people and obstacles, delays propellers by 6 seconds, triggers audio and visual alerts
  • Landing: confirmation twice before landing
  • Emergency Parachute
  • Protection by slowing down close to the ground
  • Built-in positioning RTK with precision down to 1 cm

It has a parachute with an automatic gas ejection system. The parachute can open at a minimum height of 60 meters and land stably at a speed of about. 6m/s (21.6 k/h) with full load. In case of an emergency and use of the parachute, an additional audio alert is sounded to make it easier to find the drone. When falling, the engines automatically shut down so that the propellers do not damage anything around them and to negate potential damage to the drone. In addition, it is possible to launch the parachute manually, using a button by the user.

Zabezpieczenie startu i lądowania FlyCart 30

How much does the latest transport drone cost?

Drone DJI FlyCart 30 currently (January 2024) can be purchased at a price of: pLN 88,999.

Included is a drone FlyCart 30, controller DJI RC Plus, cargo box and all cables and accessories needed for flight. Dedicated batteries to be purchased separately.

What you should know, Megadron advises

  • Control apparatus DJI RC Plus it is quite heavy, it is worth using the harness included in the kit during prolonged use
  • It is possible to control with a computer or laptop
  • Flight status and task notifications on multiple devices available
  • FlyCart 30 is to fall into the special category STS-02 - C6
  • The drone has multi-level redundancy, including sensors, propulsion systems or transmission backup visions
  • Route mapping is fast and works on a map basis 2.5D Base
  • The following is used another application than with all Enterprise, you can't use universally with one application
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DJI FlyCart 30 Cargo Drone

DJI FlyCart 30 Cargo Drone

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