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Monthly March 2024

Monthly March 2024

We're back with a recap of the most interesting news from the drone world. The monthly magazine did not appear for a few months due to an excess of work, but now we are back with redoubled force. Let's get down to specifics:

  • World's fastest drone races Formula 1. Who will win?

  • Flying a DJI drone with new VR goggles from Apple Vision Pro

  • More drones receive their class

  • How many drones are flying over Poland? Summary of 2023

  • Full drone regulations - do you know them all?

World's fastest drone races Formula 1. Who will win?

The Dutch have created the world's first continuous FPV shot of Max Verstappen's F1 Oracle Red Bull Racing RB20 car. It was recorded with a manually piloted drone, which can accelerate up to 350 km/h. Development of the drone took more than a year and required access to the know-how of Red Bull Advanced Technologies. Result? An amazing take on F1 like you've never seen before.

Flying a DJI drone with new VR goggles from Apple Vision Pro

The world of drones is developing at a rapid pace... Do you remember how excited we were about FPV videos a few years ago? Now Apple Vision Pro is coming into play, offering a whole new augmented reality (AR) experience when piloting a drone.

More and more drones are getting a class

As of this year, full drone regulations have gone into effect, governing virtually everything from how to fly to what to fly with. If you have a drone without a class, there is a possibility that you can get one. Details are explained in article.

Drones in business: opportunities and challenges for the Polish market

You are interested in the future of drones in Poland, especially their use in business? The second revised edition of the Micromacro Institute's "The Storm" report is available. The report includes a presentation of interesting companies in the industry, analysis and forecasts of market development. The new edition of the report is available in English. Link to report.

How many drones are flying over Poland? Statistics 2023

Poland's air navigation agency released data on legal flights last year. At the end of 2023, there were 222,086 registered BSP operators in Poland. An increase in Check-Ins of 12.7% over 2022 and 24% over 2021 was observed. Most people fly in May-July (average 83 thousand. weekly), which is when the weather is most conducive to flights. Full statistics on the PAŻP website, and we are curious how these numbers relate to the actual number of pilots in Poland.

Full drone regulations - do you know them all?

Drones are becoming increasingly popular, but not everyone flies according to regulations. No wonder - EU guidelines are complicated, and new regulations appear every few months or even weeks. As professionals, we feel it is our duty to educate people on the subject. W our article clarify the most important issues concerning drone regulations. We will also soon publish a YouTube video, in which we will present this vast topic in an accessible way.

By the way... We recently released our first review on YouTube.


Have you heard about OpenAI Sora's new artificial intelligence model?? Realistic videos based on text and wow effect - see video.

We hope you found this information helpful and interesting,


Marcjanna Hubert
Chief editor of the Megadron blog, professionally involved with drones for 5 years. Student of New Media in Communication. Passionate about graphic design and travel, fascinated by the magic of storytelling through video. Creates a bridge between Megadron and customers by adding social media content: Instagram i Facebook.
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