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Help for Ukraine - action #DronesNaWschód

Help for Ukraine - action #DronesNaWschód

Technology has repeatedly shown how much it can be helpful to humanity. Unfortunately, we have come to discuss this in the circumstances of the war conflict in the territories of the Ukraine. This time, technology is helping us defend our most precious values - Peace and Freedom.

#DronesEast is an action to send drones to Ukraine

Anyone, including you, can take part in the charity donation of drones and accessories in aid of Ukraine. A list of what you can donate and details can be found below.


Aid for Ukraine - what you can donate?

  • unused i used efficient drones
  • drones inoperative i incomplete for spare parts
  • parts such as: batteries, propellers and other accessories, dedicated backpacks and bags
  • you can also purchase a new drone in our in-store and inform us that you are donating it, and we, for our part, will reduce its price and send it along with other drones

If you don't know if your drone will be suitable - contact us by email or by phone 58 350 00 88. We will provide you with all the information you need.

#DronesOnEast - how to donate a drone?

You can report your device yourself. All you need to do is fill out a short form and you will receive a a voucher for free shipping via InPost parcel machine.

Link to form

MegaDrone store - drone collection point for Ukraine

If you are from Tricity or surrounding areas, you can deliver your drone/accessories to our showroom on 33 Śląska Street in Gdynia, and we will send bulk packages to the addresses of the service centers where the drones will be inspected, anonymized and repaired, if necessary, or directly to the shipping address of the new equipment in Ukraine.

We guarantee that each device will be transferred through a certain channel for Ukrainian citizens. Both we and the organizers do not raise any income from the action. It is entirely charitable and serves to help those in need.

Drones in Ukraine - main applications

We are of the opinion that currently the most important thing is real help, focus on action and powering the vision of a world living in peace, and we fervently believe that this vision has begun to be realized. Every deed and positive thought adds to it.

Nevertheless, in order to raise awareness how important is the action #DronesEast, below we list the main drone applications in Ukraine.

  • Inspection of hazardous areas
  • Search for missing persons
  • Threat monitoring, early warning
  • Identification of burnt areas
  • Monitoring the supply of basic utilities to the civilian population
  • Technical inspection of municipal infrastructure
  • Identification of environmental risks
  • Increase situational awareness of local coordinators in emergency situations
  • Documenting war damage

Where drones go as part of #DronesEast campaign?

Drones and parts go to Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Embassy of Ukraine and Humanitarian Support Organization from Lviv.

The initiators of the action are the Micromacro Institute Foundation, the Digital University Foundation, the Polish Chamber of Unmanned Systems, Dariusz Werschner - plenipotentiary of the Minister of Infrastructure for. BSP, Lodz Chamber of Commerce and Industry, companies: Spartaqs Group, AeroMind, Terra Hexen, World of Drones portal, Drones Poland community on Facebook. The campaign is supported by Inpost.

The war is not waiting

Don't delay and help today. Drones are needed by those in need right now. Any help will bring real benefits.

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