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DroneRadar active - flight notification, application description

DroneRadar active - flight notification, application description

Very good news for all drone owners is that the droneRadar application works and you can use it. In recent times, flying a drone has been much more difficult and precarious due to problems in the operation of the app. Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PAŻP) stresses that problems may still arise, but you can use the app.

DroneRadar problems

Over the past few weeks, the app has stopped working on many mobile devices. Android smartphone users in particular have been exposed to this problem. The Polish Air Navigation Agency issued an official statement suggesting reporting drone flights via email, much to the inconvenience of operators. According to information provided by the PAŻP, there is no official announcement confirming an end to the problem. Application developers may have encountered difficulties in developing and maintaining such advanced software, the situation is not fully stable and certain.

What is the DroneRadar application

DroneRadar app is an important element for drone operators in Poland. In order to avoid collisions with other drones and aircraft any flights must be properly reported. Thanks to the functions of the DroneRadar system, you have the opportunity to check the performance of the flight in accordance with the regulations at a given place and time. You will make a mark on the map of the place and time for the flight being made. With the application communication with services is facilitated air traffic and you can see the current weather, sunrises and sunsets. Air traffic regulations are also available. The app allows for safer flight through visibility of other users in the air, visualization of the airspace and signaling. DroneRadar shows if you can fly in a particular place, where there are restrictions or where flying is prohibited. The application is available for smartphones with android and iOS.

DroneRadar latanie

How to use DroneRadar

DroneRadar is available for download at App Store or Google Play, the application can be downloaded in almost every country in the world, except for those that block this feature for legal reasons. When you launch the application for the first time, you will receive brief instructions on how to use it. You will be asked for permission to receive notifications. The app will ask for permission to access your location. Before using the application, you will be required to accept the terms of the Legal Notice, which contains information about the application owner's liability and the rules for processing personal data.

When using DroneRadar, you may receive a message from Air Traffic Services. This command should be executed immediately for security all users. Application requires location access for flight registration and safety activities. Providing a real phone number will enable you to be contacted in emergencies. Registration in the system PansaUTM is recommended to raise awareness of other airspace users. Users with a PansaUTM account log in with their login credentials. Users without a PansaUTM account must confirm their identity by entering their phone number and receiving a text message with a code.

Application automatically converts the declared flight altitude above the terrain (relative altitude), given in meters, into an altitude relative to sea level (absolute altitude). This process helps determine the drone's position relative to the airspace, where altitudes are always measured relative to mean sea level (AMSL). To declare your flight altitude and weight category, just click the tab in the upper right corner of the app.

When you lose control of your drone, you can report it using DroneRadar. This is a phenomenon that happens from time to time. Especially if the loss of control occurred near a controlled airport, you may receive a phone call asking for answers to questions about the drone, such as its type, battery level, modifications or similar questions. Air traffic services may issue an unconditional order to land or leave a specific area. In this situation, you need to acknowledge the message and end the flight. After landing, confirm the action.

DroneRadar beacon and map

Located in the upper part of the screen, the siren informs about the current situation for the execution of the flight. For light in color green there are no restrictions on the place and time you choose and you can safely make a drone flight. For light in color orange there are restrictions for the indicated place and time and are shown in the zone description. Last light in color red means that flying in this area and time is prohibited, see the zone description for more information.

A beacon that indicates rotating signals, you have to wait, is a process that determines the position and situation in the zone.

DroneRadar sygnalizacja

Checkin at DroneRadar - flight declaration

Flights can only be recorded at the operator's location, based on GPS data.

  1. Registration of a flight not requiring a flight plan (dFPL) by a user not registered in PansaUTM:
    Some places do not require a flight plan notification, which will be marked in green in the application.
  2. Flight registration where dFPL flight plan submission is required:
    If your flight location and time require you to file a flight plan with PansaUTM, you will receive this information when you try to register.

    In this case:
  • Register with PansaUTM
  • Create a dFPL flight plan
  • Log in to the mobile app using your PansaUTM credentials
  • After accepting your flight plan in the system, select your plan in the mobile app

DroneRadar Checkin

Checkin Status can be determined by the colors shown in the application:

  • white icon - registered checkin before takeoff
  • blue icon - checkin modified by ATS service
  • yellow icon - checkin after takeoff
  • orange icon - checkin rejected by ATS service
  • green icon - checkin accepted by ATS
  • red icon - notification by the operator of the loss of control
  • bronze icon - exceeded specified or allocated flight time
  • violet icon - order for immediate landing
  • pink icon in the middle - checkin accepted, awaiting approval for takeoff

A short video tutorial on how to use the DroneRadar application:


DroneRadar app is available again for safe drone use. Despite the problems that have been occurring over the past few weeks, the app can be used and is very useful for all drone owners. Unfortunately, the Polish Air Navigation Agency stresses that some difficulties may still arise. DroneRadar plays an important role for drone operators in Poland, enabling them to safely plan and execute flights in accordance with regulations. It allows you to check airspace availability, monitor weather conditions and communicate with air traffic services. Using DroneRadar is easy - you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play, then follow the brief instructions. PansaUTM registration is recommended for greater awareness of other users. With the app, you can enjoy your flights with the confidence that you are in full control of the air situation.

You can find more information on the official website DroneRadar.

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