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Drone Monthly January 2023

Drone Monthly January 2023

1. Yanosik introduced vehicle inspection warnings ... from a drone

yanosik policyjne kontrole dronem

You're probably familiar with the popular Yanosik app, which warns you when there's a traffic control, radar, etc. at a particular location. As a result increasingly, police are inspecting roads with drones, the developers have introduced an option to report it. You can find the police drone patrol report button in the category "Unmarked".

Safe travels!

2. Autonomous drone flights coming soon? U-space regulation


U-Space is an EU concept announced back in 2016. It is intended to be an ecosystem that will enable by autonomous drones. Something like an electronic traffic law for anything that flies. Flight rules across the Union to be even more unified and restrictive at the same time.

Certainly, U-space will bring quite a change to the BSP industry - for companies that want to use drones, it will create a friendly environment for business development, but for recreational flying a hindrance. It appears from the regulation that drones with the assigned class C0, i.e. weighing up to 250 grams and with a maximum speed of up to 19 m/s, will be excluded from the regulations. This means that the restrictions will not be as severe for recreational users mini drones.

The regulation introduced is preliminary outline of assumptions, guidelines and principles for EU countries, and changes related to U-space will be implemented in stages that will take many years. Or maybe you have a business idea using autonomous drones? If so, it makes sense to start now and be a millionaire in 2033 ;)

3. Drone delivered blankets and warmers - TOPR action

topr dostawa dronem

Now not as futuristic as the above, but the action that happened for real. Two mountaineers got stuck in the Tatra Mountains and were unable to complete the climb on their own and safely descend to the Shelter.

Evacuation was not possible, so tOPR rescuers delivered Blitz foils and heating packs and a radio by drone, despite dire weather conditions (snow and high wind). This allowed the mountaineers to wait safely until the morning, when helicopter transport was possible.

The use of new technology in rescue is a huge improvement in such a hard job. The action was carried out with the help of a drone DJI M30T with a thermal imaging camera that is waterproof.

Just two weeks earlier, the same drone helped locate a lost tourist. You can find more information on TOPR's FB

4. Get free drone training worth up to 16.000!

darmowe szkolenie z obslugi drona

KFS recruitment for 2023 has started. Any employer, that is, an entity employing at least one person under an employment contract. If your company has up to 10 employees, you can apply for 100% subsidy. For larger companies, it is 80%.

Examples of courses you can take are:

  • Flights within line of sight for drones weighing up to 4 kg - VLOS Drone Pilot
  • Flights within line of sight for drones weighing up to 25 kg - VLOS Drone Pilot
  • Range and out-of-sight flights for drones weighing up to 25 kg - BVLOS Drone Pilot
  • Photogrammetry from a Drone for 3D Mapping and Modeling + BVLOS Drone Pilot Training
  • Thermal imaging from Inspection Drone + BVLOS Drone Pilot

It is worth contacting a nursery that cooperates with the labor office, which is the vast majority of. They will help select the best training and advise on paperwork. For more information, visit https://kfs.en/

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Graduate of Computer Science and Econometrics at UG. Salesman, graphic designer and fan of new technologies. Privately a lover of the Tricity, travel and filming.
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