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DJI Modify - DJI's first software for editing 3D models

DJI Modify - DJI's first software for editing 3D models

18.01.2024, it is worth remembering this date, it is the announcement of new software from DJI; DJI Modify. This program will be an integrated part of the existing DJI Terra, so that an efficient workflow and a comprehensive solution from modeling to model editing is provided with a single click.

DJI Modify najnowsze technologia modeli 3D

DJI Modify functionality

DJI Modify will streamline your workflow with intuitive operation and software automation. It all boils down to a few clicks that will make it possible in the first place:

  • Removal of unwanted elements
  • Flattening objects
  • Repairing textures
  • Texture cloning
  • Detection and filling of holes
  • Repairing the water surface by automatically generating

DJI Modify - for whom?

With, the editing capabilities of DJI Modify, DJI software becomes a single and integrated system that will be useful for all companies to visualize and study their work. Together, these two programs are the ideal solution for analyzing, or editing, terrain.

Competing DJI Modify apps

With DJI's new software, users will automatically make high-quality 3D models in a unified system. This innovative feature deserves attention when choosing a drone and appropriate software. In the future, if DJI diligently updates and improves its product, there is a chance that it will compete with programs such as Bentley or PIX4D.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

What are the system requirements to use DJI Modify?

Minimum requirements:

Requires Windows 10 or later (64-bit) operating system with at least 32 GB of RAM and NVIDIA graphics card with computing capabilities version 5.0 or higher and at least 4 GB of GPU memory, equivalent or better than NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti.

Recommended requirements:

Requires Windows 10 or later (64-bit) operating system with 64GB of RAM and NVIDIA graphics card with compute capabilities version 7.0 or higher and at least 8GB of GPU memory, equivalent to or better than NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070.

Can you use DJI Modify without an internet connection?

Not. Due to the fact that the data is stored in the cloud, a permanent Internet connection is required for the time being.

Does DJI Modify support models from third-party modeling software?

Currently, no. DJI Modify can only edit 3D models in visible light reconstructed with DJI Terra V4.0.0 or later

Can you adjust the texture of the water surface?

Currently, no. You can adjust the texture of the water surface in the repair mode after the water surface repair.

Why some holes in walls are not recognized? How do I deal with this?

Holes in wall surfaces can structurally resemble "tunnels" in the grid topology, which are not recognized as holes by DJI Modify. To solve this problem, use the Custom tool in combination with the Subtract from Selection function to select the surface of the tunnel-like structure to fill the holes.

What model formats does DJI Modify support for export?

When you click export, DJI Modify exports the 3D model by default in b3dm, osgb, ply, obj and s3mb formats.

Which coordinate system is used by models exported from DJI Modify?

The coordinate system of the model exported from DJI Modify is compatible with the imported system. However, DJI Modify does not currently support 3D models whose coordinate systems have been adjusted through seven-parameter transformations.

Can you expand the cloud storage space offered by DJI Modify?

Currently there is no such possibility. There is no information at this time on whether the manufacturer will add a feature for buying out additional space in the future.

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