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DJI Mic 2 Premiere - DJI's new microphone

DJI Mic 2 Premiere - DJI's new microphone

Latest DJI Mic 2 is the second version of the revolutionary microphone that has gained enormous popularity. In this article, we will introduce its capabilities, show the novelties that have been introduced and compare it with its predecessor.

DJI Mic 2 kompaktowy

DJI Mic 2 - capabilities

The DJI Mic 2 is not only a microphone that allows you to record crystal clear sound, but a versatile tool suited to tough recording conditions. The microphone can be used from -10°C to 45°C and is additionally equipped with parallel soundtrack recording at -6dB which is an additional safeguard for recordings in dynamic sound environments, such as music festivals. Thanks to the advanced internal float recording with a 32-bit resolution, microphone delivers clear and detailed sound and maintains recording flexibility even in dynamic situations. Mic 2 presents a very large range amounting to 160 meters. Guarantees excellent sound quality both in the studio and during field recordings.

DJI Mic 2 zastosowanie

Mic 2 features

The DJI Mic 2 is not only distinguished by precise sound, but also with advanced features that make using it very convenient. Multidirectional microphone copes with various recording scenarios. Up to 2 transmitters can be connected, so it will work well for both one-on-one vlogs and interviews with multiple people at the same time. Novelty, or advanced noise reduction technology guarantees recording clarity even in the most demanding conditions. The microphone wind shield provides another layer of protection, eliminating any sound interference when recording in windy conditions or while moving.

Wygodna obsługa z dotykowym ekranem

Application DJI Mic 2

If you're vlogging, recording interviews or broadcasting live, the DJI Mic 2 is the perfect tool in your audio-visual content creation adventure. The long working time, which is as much as 6 hours, makes the microphone ready to capture every important moment. The enlarged set includes practical charging case, which not only protects, but also extends the microphone's basic operating time to an an impressive 18 hours, making it ideal for live broadcasting and video production in the field.

Wielofunkcyjne zastosowania z mocowaniem magnetycznym

Price of DJI Mic 2

The price of the DJI Mic 2 depends on the kit. The transmitter itself is available in black and white, which will be great for people who record with their phone and need sound with excellent sound. But beware! If you have the transmitter alone (without the transmitter that is included in the kits) noise reduction will not work. For this functionality, a transmitter is required, which is included in the DJI Mic 2 Basic kit and the DJI Mic 2 kit.

The kits differ between each other in the number of receivers (in the Mic 2 Basic 1 piece, and in the Mic 2 2 pieces), and in the fact that the most expensive set includes a convenient charging case. Choose Basic if you are recording with a camera or need noise reduction for your phone. DJI Mic 2 kit is the most advanced option for creatives recording interviews, etc.

MicrophoneDJI Mic 2 - BlackDJI Mic 2 - WhiteDJI Mic 2 Basic (1 TX + 1 RX) DJI Mic 2 - (2 TX + 1 RX)
PricepLN 449pLN 449pLN 1099 pLN 1799
PhotoDJI Mic 2 BlackDJI Mic 2 WhiteSystem mikrofonów bezprzewodowych DJI Mic 2 Basic (1 TX + 1 RX) System mikrofonów bezprzewodowych DJI Mic 2 (2 TX + 1 RX)

Prosta synchronizacja

Comparison of DJI Mic 2 to DJI Mic

What everyone cares about most, the sound quality, has been improved, thanks to a higher sampling resolution of 32 bits. Next, it is worth noting the ease of connecting the new Mica to other devices - previously, when the transmitter was connected to the phone, it had to be disconnected to play the sound, which made it difficult to see the effect immediately. Now the transmitter can be connected all the time. In addition, when used with the camera, Mic 2 supports automatic on/off in coordination with the camera. The operating time is unchanged from its predecessor, however intelligent noise reduction has been added.

MicrophoneDJI Mic 2DJI Mic
PhotoDJI Mic 2 BlackDJI Mic Blackk
Noise reductionIntelligent noise reductionNo
Sampling resolution32-bit float type24-bit
Recording time14 hours14 hours
Total working time18 hours15 hours
Smartphone connectionBoth Lightning and USB-C connectors support stereo sound and playback without disconnecting the receiver.

Supports direct Bluetooth connection via smartphone
Lightning (mono) or USB-C (stereo) adapter
Camera connectionTRS 3.5 mm cable.
Supports automatic on and off in sync with the camera.
TRS 3.5 mm cable
Computer connectionUSB type CUSB type C
ScreenTouch screen 1.1 inches + dialTouch screen with a diagonal of 0.95 inches


DJI Mic 2 is a comprehensive tool that provides the highest audio quality in any situation. Its broad capabilities, practical features and compatibility make it ready for any challenge posed by creative filmmakers and vloggers. With the ability to monitor audio in real time, an intuitive touchscreen, and for a long runtime, the DJI Mic 2 becomes the ideal solution for those who want to achieve the highest audio quality in their productions.

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