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Autel EVO V2 - everything you need to know


Autel EVO II vs EVO II V2

As many may already know, a global chip shortage has made it impossible to continue production of the first version of the EVO II, Smart Controller and Live Deck drones. However, the manufacturer had to find a solution to the problem as Autel continues to grow and capture a larger share of the market. The result was a second version, V2 of these drones.

As v2 drones are now available for purchase, operators of "older" and newer models may be wondering what this change means for them.

The changes are:

  • New Evo II V2 will operate on 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequencies.
  • Works with a smart controller Autel Smart
  • V2 version does not work with Autel Live Deck

Here are a handful of relevant questions and developments:

1. Will v1 and v2 be compatible with each other?

No; v2 remote controls will not be able to communicate with the v1 drone and vice versa. All loads are still interchangeable.

2. Will the batteries still be compatible?

Yes. Batteries will remain cross-compatible.

3. Whether Live Deck will be compatible with EVO V2 drones?

Not. EVO II V2 chipset is not compatible with Live Deck. However, Autel is developing a streaming solution that will be released in the future.

4. Will V1 and V2 use different applications?

Not. Both versions of the EVO II will continue to use the Autel Explorer application.

5. How can I check which version is in my EVO II?

Check the top of the case. If you have a V2, it is marked "V2" between the upper obstacle avoidance sensors. If you have V1, there will be no label.

6. Will my EVO II be compatible with the Autel smart controller?

Due to the global chip shortage, there will also be two different versions of the Autel Smart controller. The same logic applies: V1 smart controllers will be compatible only with V1 EVO II aircraft, and V2 smart controllers will be compatible only with V2 EVO II aircraft.

7. Will this change affect my warranty status or Autel Robotics' ability to service my drone?

Not. All versions of the EVO II still carry the same manufacturer's warranty. We will also continue to service both versions of the EVO II.

If parts are not available for your version of the EVO II, we will repair and/or replace your product with another version of equivalent value.

8. Is dual-band the same as V2?

Yes. The terminology used is "single-band" for v1 products and "dual-band" for v2 products.

9. Can I exchange my v1 aircraft for a v2 product?

Not. At this time, Autel Robotics does not offer exchanges for v1 drones.

spec. Matthew Hubert
Graduate of the Maritime Academy, completed the course of Internet in business. Holds a VLOS qualification certificate. He's totally nuts about drones and new technology, and he also loves speed, so he flies a lot of racing drones
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