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A gift for Santa Claus - what will fit in the shoe?

A gift for Santa Claus - what will fit in the shoe?

1. Osmo Pocket and Pocket 2 pocket camera

Compact and smart cameraOsmo Pocket will transform every moment into a cinematic masterpiece - and anytime, anywhere! It weighs just 116 grams and houses the latest technology. 4K camera that records at up to 60 fps./s, ActiveTrack subject follow function, 3-axis stabilization and many other features that will make it easy for you to compose a striking souvenir.

Pocket 2is a newer version of this brilliant pocket camera, which has been equipped with in a larger matrix and a better audio system (as many as 4 microphones!). The second generation features higher photo and video resolution and a brighter lens, which will make your photos and videos knockout in quality regardless of weather conditions!

2. Filters for drone

It's no secret that drone camera filters are an incredible simplification for capturing high-level footage. With them, even a novice photography and cinematography enthusiast in the skies can easily capture the beauty without translucency or streaks using the nD darkening filters. For increasing the contrast of landscape photos, as well as for color saturation, on the other hand, polarizing filters with the designation ofEN i ND/PL.

3. Propellers for drone

Propellers in a drone are the parts we replace most often.they will be useful to both the more professional drone operator, np. Mavic 2 Pro or Mavic Air 2, as well as compactMavic Mini i recreational drones. Such a gift in the shoe will put a smile on the face of even a drone owner of every possible accessory. From experience, we know that it has not yet happened that there are too many propellers! :)


4. Additional battery

Every drone flyer knows that flying a drone is fun all the way around, if we have to spare battery. Once the first battery is depleted, we can continue to conquer the skies without having to wait for it to recharge. It gives you the comfort of flying and protects you from losing your precious shot. Additional battery is one of the most frequently selected accessories for a drone - especially if only one package is included. If it's fun, it's fun!

5. Mini drone

In this ranking could not miss and drones! The gifted shoe owner will be able to start his/her adventure with the Hubsan nano droneH002 or H111C. Both of these models have a gyroscope for easier flight and guaranteed stability, as well as a camera. The small size allows you to play at home as well - you don't have to wait until spring for this gift! :)

mini drone is an ideal gift idea for a person who wants to try something new, as well as for a teenager.

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