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Taxfree for drones

VAT refund for non-EU travelers - what you need to know

As a traveler with a permanent place of residence outside the European Union (EU), you have the right to claim a VAT refund for products purchased in Poland, provided that you export them intact outside the EU. The minimum value of purchases, including VAT, on one return form entitling to a VAT refund is PLN 200 gross.

How do I get Taxfree on Drones?

When ordering goods via the online store, you must remember that only the collection and payment of goods in a stationary store allows you to issue a Tax Free form. Add the goods to the basket, select the delivery method " Pickup in the showroom (Gdynia)" and "Cash on delivery", then collect the goods and pay in the store, asking for the Tax Free form.

How much time do I have to process my Taxfree refund?

After the purchase, you have 3 months to export the purchased goods outside the EU. Go to the customs clearance point with Tax Free documents and exported goods in unused and intact condition. The customs officer in the Tax Free system will generate an electronic export confirmation. If you are traveling by air, allow more time than usual to check in when preparing your purchased items. You can take them in your hand or checked baggage by going to the customs officer before checking your baggage.

You can claim your VAT refund within 8 months after purchase. Remember that the tax refund will be paid in the selected form - in cash or on a payment card. If you have provided the card number on which you want to receive a tax refund, it will be paid automatically to your card after obtaining an electronic confirmation of export in Poland. If you are leaving the EU through a country other than Poland, go to the GB Refund Point after obtaining the export confirmation stamp. If you have entered cash as a form of tax refund, please go to a GB Refund Point. Points addresses are available

Remember that the legal basis for VAT refund for travelers from outside the EU is Art. 126-130 of the Act of March 11, 2004 on tax on goods and services (Journal of Laws 2021.685, i.e. of 2021.04.14 of

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