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  1. Please complete the form available online
  2. Pack and send the parcel to the address store
    street Śląska 33
    81-310 Gdynia
  • The complaint number must be included with the shipment.
  • Cash on delivery parcels will not be accepted.

File a complaint

Do you have any questions? or 58 350 00 88

We have also created a script for you regarding complaints , DJI care refresh and paid service .

1. Complaint about DJI equipment

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you deliver the complained goods to us along with a complaint form . This speeds up the procedure.

Following the recommendations in the link above, you register an account on our service portal so that you will be able to track your progress (registration is for an external profile, it does not connect to the profile on the website).

If the equipment is delivered in person, you have 14 days to collect the complained item from the moment we inform you that the equipment is waiting for its owner.

2. DJI Care Refresh repair

It is recommended to submit a Care Refresh complaint yourself as it significantly speeds up the procedure. Below are instructions on how to do it:

I. If damage to your DJI product occurs, please contact DJI Technical Support at http://www. DJI.
II. Ship your product (including aircraft, gimbal, propellers and battery) under the DJI Care Refresh warranty plan you purchased to a DJI designated repair center under DJI Technical Support.

  • If you buy DJI Care Refresh (Inspire 2), send the drone and propellers.
  • If you purchase DJI Refresh (X4S/X5S), please send the X4S or X5S gimbal.
  • If you purchase a DJI Refresh device (Phantom 4 Pro, Phantom 4 Advanced and Phantom 3 SE), send the drone, gimbal, camera and propellers.
  • If you buy DJI Care Refresh (Mavic Pro, Mavic Pro Platinum and Spark), send the drone, gimbal, camera and propellers. To shorten logistics time, please do not send the battery if it works well.

If you do not resend the required parts, DJI may require you to resend them or will reject your replacement request.

III. DJI will send you the repair fee amount, and once it has been determined that your product is eligible for the DJI Care Refresh program, you will receive a quote for replacement service. Once payment is confirmed, the replaced product will be delivered to you. You can also choose to pay repair costs to repair your product.